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visa-reach-imageWith the doubling of international travel volumes, border control policy makers are seeking out better ways to facilitate and optimize their clearing process of all low risk visitors into their territories while not only maintaining, but increasing their border security. Nations are moving to electronic application and processing systems which provide travellers with an online mechanism to apply, pay for and receive certain types of immigration clearances. These electronic application and processing systems or Electronic Travel Authorizations (ETAs) and/or eVisas serve the dual purpose of reducing visa processing workloads in high volume low risk areas for larger nations, while expanding or facilitating visa issuance for smaller nations with less global capabilities to process visas.

VisaReach is an immigration clearance platform designed to allow governments to define eligibility rules, risk profiles or entitlement rules to optimize their authorization and clearance processes. WorldReach’s Secure ETA and eVisa solutions provide the traveller with a user friendly online interface or mobile app to enter the information required, submit this to the appropriate authority, complete a payment online, be provided with an electronic receipt for payment and real-time notification of ETA/eVisa approval, or receive any further instruction for additional steps needed to be taken by the traveller to obtain travel authorization.

The Secure ETA component of VisaReach has world leading enhanced security features allowing countries to expand their VWP, implement a new VWP, complement or replace their Visa-on-Arrival (VoA) or Tourist Carnet programs.

The eVisa component can apply the same platform advantages of enhanced security, significant convenience for the traveller, and ease of implementation for governments.