Training unlocks the full potential of your WorldReach Software product investment, specifically when that training is developed and led by consular software solution experts.

trainign-image-girl-dudeOur training equips consular users and administrators with the skills they need to leverage the entire WorldReach product suite; AssistReach (Case Management, Legal and Notarial, Extended Hours, Diaspora Connection), CrisisReach (Contingency Plan X, Crises, Emergency Information Portal, Registration, and Travel Advice), PassportReach and VisaReach. Training options combine instruction, consular workflows, real-world examples and hands-on exercises so that users, trainers and system administrators walk away with the knowledge they need to impact operational results, accelerate adoption and lower software administration costs.




Onsite Headquarter Training

Let us bring our expert training courses to you, your consular staff and your trainers. Get top-notch training in your environment arranged around your schedule.

WorldReach Onsite Classroom Training Program consists of:

  • Training Headquarters Consular Users
  • Training the Trainers
  • Training System Administration Staff

Training will cover all applicable WorldReach products for full functionality and daily usage. Training the Trainers participants will receive application usage training first and then, in a separate session, the techniques for training will be covered. If your in-house trainers are in short supply or project conflicts arise, WorldReach training staff can conduct web-based training sessions for your organization. System Administrators would also benefit in attending the Consular system training as well to help them fully understand the system they will be administering.

Virtual Training Options for Posts

A number of tools are used for training the staff at Posts that help achieve the goals of training a diverse number of locations effectively and in a cost efficient manner. These options include:

Online Tutorials

Whether courses are burnt on CDs and distributed to each Post or placed on the Departmental intranet for access as required by all staff, these tutorials can serve as self-directed introduction for product user overviews to grasp fundamental functionality or as a cost effective refresher to the system.

Live Web-Based Training Sessions

Our virtual classroom is live, interactive, online training for those who prefer attending classes without leaving their office while eliminating the costs and potential inconveniences of travel. Live web-based training used in conjunction with a conference call is a very pragmatic way to have Headquarters based trainers cover a large number of small Posts in a short period of time.

Telephone Training Sessions

A similar approach to the live web training involves the trainer and trainees walking through scenarios and sample cases on the same training site, but with the trainer reviewing & evaluating what the trainee has entered after cases & updates are saved.

Regional Training Sessions

Regional training sessions can also be an effective approach to training.  Sessions are planned at some of the larger locations and a number of training sessions are held over a number of days. These users would then be followed up with in one-on-one calls by one of the Headquarters trainers to review questions, issues etc.

International Crisis Exercise Program (ICEP)

The International Crisis Exercise Program is an in-depth, 2 day training course specifically designed for consular users to develop comprehensive contingency plans and test them in real-world crisis exercise scenarios. Using WorldReach’s full-featured crisis preparedness toolkit, Contingency Plan X, students utilize industry standard emergency document templates and checklists, hazard assessment processes, wizards and guides to create consular-specific contingency plans and then test these plans in Exercises simulating both made-made and natural disaster scenarios.