WorldReach Software

About WorldReach

WorldReach is a Canadian software organization specializing in Government Travel and Citizen Services, Seamless Traveller Journey, and Digital Identity, Verification, and Onboarding solutions.

Our mission is to improve the safety, security, and facilitation of international travellers. With our solutions and innovations, we provide the front door to a more seamless way to travel.

We help governments and travel service providers improve international travel through the digital modernization of immigration and border management programs. Our extensive expertise in ICAO-compliant secure travel document issuance drives our leading remote identity and document verification solutions.

Since our inception in 1998, WorldReach has been recognized as a pioneer in consular services, offering governments cost-effective solutions to modern citizen-based challenges. This citizen-based innovation focus grew to include immigration and border management solutions to facilitate traveller safety and security, and digital identity verification services Our trusted advisor relationships with our government clients are long-lasting as we continue to provide them with modern and customized solutions to meet their ever-changing needs.