We are a Canadian firm specializing in transforming integrated immigration and border management, including visa services, passport and consular services using cutting edge technology. WorldReach has focused its expertise on developing leading-edge solutions for ICAO-complaint secure travel document issuance, integrated immigration & border management, and remote identity & document verification in support of digital service delivery. We are recognized as pioneers in the field of global mission-critical applications and work with leading governments to deliver innovative cost-effective solutions to modern citizen-centric challenges.

Our reach is international, but our focus is specific to the unique challenges of the governments we work with. Our entire business is focused on improving travel facilitation, safety, and security. We have a strong track record working with government as long-term partners to ensure our solutions deliver results, not problems, while operating successfully for years. Our relationships with customers are typically long term, lasting 10 to +25 years, as we help them modernize citizen services, deliver effectively and grow with them.

Our customer promise includes:

Technical Reliability

We deliver proven solutions with years of 24/7 operational experience. Our products, services and solutions are developed specifically for global operations across networks of low bandwidth, high latency and the Internet, including mobility. WorldReach solutions can be deployed across a range of technical architectures, to take advantage of national governments’ existing infrastructures, or new reliable, secure virtual environments like public and private Clouds.

Superior Functionality & Innovation

WorldReach’s software offers embedded subject matter expertise gathered through years of operational use. We incorporate best practices from many national governments to constantly improve the quality of our solutions and value to our customers and citizens abroad. All of our products, services and solutions are also available under a Software as a Service (SaaS) model which reduces initial cost and ramp-up time while providing clients with more flexible options.

Long-term Partnerships

WorldReach is a proven immigration & border management, secure ID, or consular services partner. We partner with clients to deliver much more than software; we deliver experience, expertise, innovation and the ability to adapt to changing citizen service expectations and business demands. We understand e-government service delivery targets and offer flexible, cost-effective solutions to help meet them.