WorldReach Software

Our Journey

WorldReach is a Canadian software company in Government Travel and Citizen Services, Seamless Traveller Journey, and Digital Identity, Verification, and Onboarding solutions.

We help governments and travel service providers improve international travel through the digital modernization of immigration and border management programs. Our extensive expertise in ICAO-compliant secure travel document issuance drives our leading remote identity and document verification solutions.

Our mission is to enable highly trusted digital services and improve the safety, security, and facilitation of international travellers. With our solutions and innovations, we provide the front door to a more seamless way to travel.

Since our inception in 1998, WorldReach has been recognized as a pioneer in consular services, offering governments cost-effective solutions to modern citizen-based challenges. This citizen-based innovation focus grew to include immigration and border management solutions to facilitate traveller safety and security, and digital identity verification services.

We pride ourselves on our trusted advisor relationships with government clients. They are long-lasting and we grow with them to provide modern and customized solutions to meet their ever-changing needs.

One of Canada’s Fastest Growing Companies

The WorldReach Difference:

Our solutions are in production

This means our clients can be confident that our products and solutions have been tested and employed in real-world applications. We apply best practices and lessons learned from other projects to each new one, which means we’re constantly innovating and adapting our solutions.

Document issuance

We are unique in that we not only verify documents, but issue them as well. We are secure ID document experts, and know how to use innovative technology and processes to authenticate and verify identity. Our solutions have been developed to support our clients at every step of the process.

International scope

Our solutions have been deployed in 950 sites across the globe with over 3000 daily users. We are familiar with the intricacies of working with international clientele and their unique needs. With this in mind, WorldReach has developed highly-adaptable solutions built to support our clients no matter where in the world they may be using our solutions.

Customized solutions

At WorldReach, we don’t believe there is a “one-size fits all” for our solutions. Understanding our client’s needs and wants is a critical part of what we do, so we ensure that every solution we create is configurable to our client’s specific requirements.


WorldReach has been innovating for 25 years. We are not a start-up. Our products and solutions have been developed from our experience and designed to fit today’s fast paced technological climate.

WorldReach prides itself on:

Technical Reliability

WorldReach solutions are developed to interoperate with a hvariety of technical architectures, from pre-existing national governments infrastructures, to new reliable, secure public or private Cloud-based environments. Our solutions operate 24/7, handling volumes in the millions.

Superior Functionality & Innovation

Each of WorldReach’s solutions are available under a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, which reduces initial costs and ramp-up time, while also providing more flexible options. We incorporate lessons learned from each client and international standards organizations to further develop and harden all of our solutions.

Long-term Partnerships

Our clients benefit from our proven solutions across each of our Capabilities [link to Capabilities landing page] and our understanding of the importance of service delivery targets. They also profit from the flexibility of our solutions, which quickly adapt to changing service and business expectations.

Privacy and Security

With sensitive personal data, we understand the need and pressure for provable security and privacy, which is why they are always designed in to our solutions.

WorldReach Quality Statement

WorldReach Software is committed to the innovative use of information technology to increase public safety and security worldwide. Through its advanced quality management system, WorldReach aims to have internationally recognized products that meet or exceed the expectations of its users.

WorldReach is a proud member of


WorldReach meets Cyber Essentials and ISO 9001:2015 standards