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In 2014, the British Overseas Territories and Her Majesty’s Passport Office embarked on a programme to introduce electronic passports to the Territories. Building on experience with providing Temporary Passports (TPs) and Emergency Travel Documents (ETDs) with the FCO BRIDGE consular passport system installed in the United Kingdom’s diplomatic missions since 2009, as well as Canada’s (GAC’s and Passport Canada’s) PMP system providing Full Validity Passports (FVPs), TPs and ETDs since 2005, WorldReach was well qualified and a very good technical fit for the project. With overall costs, relatively low passport issuance volumes and data security in mind as key considerations, the Territories chose WorldReach’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) PassportReach solution. This marks the first implementation of a secure, Cloud-based issuance system for any country or territory.

WorldReach Software was an excellent choice for our passport project. WorldReach understands our needs, provides a very solid and cost-effective technical solution and they are extremely responsive whenever we have any questions or concerns.
– Dr. Danette Ming, Chief Immigration Officer, Government of Bermuda