At WorldReach, governments are not simply our clients, they’re also our partners. They help us to understand their needs, the needs of their citizens, and from that, leveraged into best practices for other governments and citizens the world over.

WorldReach doesn’t simply affect solutions, we also build trust with our government partners. Many of our case studies come from long-lasting partnerships. They are from enduring relationships with governments that culminate in us being trusted with implementing the next desired solution, with some of our longest-lasting partnerships born the moment WorldReach was founded.

Our solutions are currently in use by those partners in 950 sites, with more than 3000 daily users. Self-service citizen applications for immigration programs are now well over 800,000. Passport issuance has reached more the 2 million.

WorldReach has partnered with the following governments to effect consular solutions, integrated immigration & border management, and secure ID issuance and verification: