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CrisisReach used to help Spanish citizens involved in international crises

(Ottawa, Canada – November 20, 2006)

The Spanish Foreign Office has awarded WorldReach Software Corporation a contract for its CrisisReach software to help deliver assistance to Spanish citizens in crises abroad. The Spanish make 10 million trips per year and approximately 1.5 million citizens reside outside the country.

WorldReach President Gordon Wilson explains “One of the biggest problems facing consular staff during a crisis is the management of large volumes of telephone calls from affected people and concerned friends and family. CrisisReach is used to manage large amounts of crisis information both at the headquarters and post level.”

CrisisReach extends the reach of a government beyond its borders to help provide assistance to citizens in need – wherever the crisis may occur. WorldReach solutions have been used to deliver assistance to citizens involved in all types of crises, including: Lebanon evacuation; South East Asian Tsunami; September 11th; Bali & Madrid bombings; and Ankara earthquake.

WorldReach Software Corporation is the leading provider of consular management solutions. For almost 15 years, WorldReach products have been used by national governments for consular assistance, consular crises, and passports abroad. WorldReach products are licensed to 700 sites in approximately 200 countries, including Canadian, British, Dutch, New Zealand, and Spanish headquarters and posts.

For more information, please contact:  Shelley Bryen   1-613-742-6482