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Danish Government deploys a secure Consular Crisis IT System

April 17, 2012

(Ottawa, ON) The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs is now operational with a new registration database for their citizens. The new Consular IT system called the “List of Danes Abroad” consists of WorldReach’s CrisisReach™ product line and enables Consular Services to better communicate with their citizens in crisis situations abroad

The new List of Danes Abroad is being offered to all Danish citizens that are traveling or residing abroad and provides the Ministry with a means of quickly responding to registered travelers in time of crises. Citizens can access the List of Danes Abroad over the internet via computer or smartphone to register travel or residency details by creating an account using either a national two-factor authentication scheme called NemID or by using a self-selectable username and password.

Consular officers are enjoying good and reliable response times when they work on the system globally as CrisisReach has been designed specifically for the challenging environment that can be encountered in a foreign affairs network. An integrated Crisis Management system, that is being used at Consular Services headquarters as well as at over 80 embassies and consulates worldwide, ensures that during crises abroad the Ministry of Foreign Affairs  can now obtain a reliable picture of the unfolding situations by triaging calls coming from the public and communicating directly with the citizen using email or text messages.

“Every year the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs Consular Services in cooperation with our Embassies and Consulates worldwide help thousands of Danish nationals abroad” says Inge Durant, Head of Department, Assistance and Contingency, Consular Services. “We have to rely on our mission critical IT system to be operational and fully supportable every day all year to best service and communicate with our citizens during a crisis.

“We are pleased that the Ministry’s Consular Services has chosen our CrisisReach product line for their Registration and Crisis Management. We were able to deliver a fully functioning system in less than 5 months, enabling Consular Services to become operational the same year they announced the competitive tender” says Gordon Wilson, President of WorldReach Software. “Our Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) products are designed specifically for the needs of our Consular Foreign Affairs clients, and thus deployable in shorter timelines than completely custom solutions.”

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