WorldReach Software

Dutch Government awards international prisoner system to WorldReach Software

(Ottawa, ON – October 20, 2003)

The Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs has awarded a contract to Canadian company WorldReach Software for its case management software for detainees and prisoners abroad. The system will be used by more than 150 Dutch diplomatic missions and the Ministry headquarters to deliver consular service to citizens detained or imprisoned in foreign countries around the world.

Many national governments offer assistance to their citizens who travel or live abroad via consular services. These services also include assistance to citizens who become prisoners or detainees in foreign countries. As Gordon Wilson president of WorldReach Software explains, “People who are jailed in foreign countries face the realities of very different criminal justice systems, unfamiliar languages and possibly harsh prison conditions.”

The arresting foreign authorities have an obligation, under the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations, to advise individuals of their right of access to a consular representative. Consular representatives may be the prisoner’s only link to family or a designated contact person at home.

The Ministry will use the WorldReach system to respond to an increase in the number of cases and increased demand for support from Dutch nationals arrested and held abroad. The new system will make it possible to track the assistance provided, monitor the procedures relating to such cases and supply the relevant management information to meet new standards set by the Ministry.

WorldReach Software has been used by consular officials to deliver assistance to thousands of Canadian and British prisoners and detainees around the world.

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