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Entrust, Eurostar selected to speak at eu-LISA Contactless Travel Industry Roundtable

May 31 | Source WorldReach

Entrust, through its Identity Verification unit (WorldReach Software) has been selected to present at eu-LISA’s Industry Roundtable. This year’s focus is Contactless Travel in Post-COVID Times: Enhancing the EU Security Ecosystem. The event runs 1-2 June, 2021.

Gordon Wilson, Global Head of Seamless Travel for Entrust and Renaud Thillaye, Head of Public Affairs, Eurostar will be speaking on Tuesday, June 2 at 14:30 CEST/ 08:30 EDT. Their topic – an exciting new seamless, contactless rail pilot set to begin this summer in St. Pancras International Station in London.

Touchless Travel Experience

High-speed rail operator, Eurostar, is preparing for the future with the Project Laminar funded by InnovateUK Department of Transportation in partnership with Entrust and the prime project partner, iProov. The vision of this pilot project is a touchless travel experience in which passengers are identified solely by facial recognition and their pre-enrolled data is submitted (by user consent) both to Eurostar for check-in and to UK Border Force as an exit check.

In terms of interoperability, this is a significant project because it connects commercial travel and border control use cases.

Safe & Seamless Travel

Entrust will be showing a video of this safe and seamless travel process that contributes to the post-pandemic recovery of the travel sector. The pilot includes:

Additional capability of verifying health status certificates is also being explored.

Entrust, and its partners, continue to secure the world in motion.

For more information on this Industry Roundtable, please contact eu-Lisa.

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