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Digital Identity, Verification, and On-boarding

Even in today’s digital world, citizens and consumers are constantly required to establish their identity when enrolling for new services and often must verify their identity again every time they return. This is true when accessing most government services, financial services and in the travel sector, among many others.

In order to build confidence in such digital identity services, it’s essential that the identity verification process is both secure and convenient. If not, users will give up, revert back to a painful manual process or go elsewhere.

Most consumers trying to access online services will no longer accept an enrollment system that involves making an unwanted visit to an official location or sending away valuable identity documents – such as passports – for an unknown period. And most citizens are tired of repeatedly verifying their identity to the same service provider, again and again.

These problems are seen clearly in the travel sector. Those requiring a visa to travel must often send away their valuable identity documents, or make an inconvenient trip to an application centre, or both. Even for those journeys where a visa is not required, travellers are required to verify their identity multiple times: to the taxi service, airport, airline, cruise line, hotel and car hire company. In many cases, each of these services providers operates as though the others don’t exist, causing delay and frustration to the traveller.

At WorldReach, we are committed to improving the travel experience by offering products and services that tie together the security of biometric information with the convenience of a mobile device, enabling highly-secure enrollment and verification from anywhere, in just a few minutes. And we are strong supporters of a number of initiatives to create a Seamless Traveller Journey.

This approach has an added advantage for the government agency or service provider: moving on-boarding and identity verification onto a secure, digital platform frees up expensive, highly-trained personnel (such as border officers) to focus on issues requiring more in-depth consideration.

But these issues are not unique to the travel industry. Secure, convenient, remote on-boarding and verification of identity is also a potential game-changer when accessing government services online (such as tax records) and when accessing personal information (such as health records).

In fact, this approach can improve service provision whenever the intended user group is a large, dispersed population. For example:

Identity verification need not be slow, inconvenient, insecure or lack privacy. Today, it can be biometrically-secured, easy and efficient, in a matter of minutes.