WorldReach Software

Passport and DTC

WorldReach is uniquely positioned to enable governments to support their citizens’ rights with secure ID documents, such as passports.

For more than 20 years, our secure travel documents issuance solutions have adhered to ICAO standards for machine-readable travel documents (MRTDs) and industry-leading security practices. WorldReach solutions support all phases of secure document issuance such as data capture, entitlement and identity processing, scanning, tracking and printing. It supports local, regional and centralized production.

ICAO’s new Digital Travel Credential (DTC) standard will provide governments opportunities to offer new options for streamlined travel services, aligning with global initiatives like WTTC’s Seamless Traveller Journeys and IATA’s One ID. WorldReach is already utilizing this internationally accepted standard, generating DTC Type 1 in both air and rail contactless travel pilots in early 2021. DTC use cases also include Emergency Travel Documents (ETDs), seamless borders and digital identity initiatives.

Cloud-based SaaS Secure ID Document Issuance

Secure ID document issuance is a multi-step process, which can be time and resource intensive. WorldReach’s cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) secure ID issuance and verification solutions allows governments to reduce inefficiencies. Encrypted applications can be completed online, extending the issuance office’s reach.

Done automatically in the cloud, the processing steps are executed in near-real time and tracked automatically, dramatically reducing the time needed from traditional methods.

Both citizens and governments receive a secure, streamlined document issuance system, protecting citizens’ private data and governments’ proprietary data and property with reduced overhead, time, and personnel requirements.