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Seamless Traveller Journey

With international tourist arrivals projected to double by 2030, meeting infrastructural and expectation demands of increasing volumes of travellers proves to be a complicated challenge. In response, the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) created the Seamless Traveller Journey initiative that aims for efficient and secure travels for all. WTTC proposes to unite the Travel and Tourism sector to develop and implement a biometric identifier a traveller could use at various intervals in their travels, therefore eliminating the need to present travel documentation repeatedly.

Airports and border infrastructure systems are limited in space, becoming increasingly outdated and are struggling to cope with demand and security requirements that come with the larger volume of travellers. An objective of the Seamless Traveller Journey is to use smart networks and biometrics to relieve the congestion, while providing identity management and safety for travellers and their travel destinations.

Airport Waiting

Aligned with WTTC and similar digital identity initiatives, such as IATA’s OneID, WorldReach’s Know Your Traveller solutions are a part of this ‘walk-through experience’ for travellers. Platform-connected travellers and border officers use WorldReach’s software as part of a secure ecosystem for land, air, and sea entry and exit clearance. WorldReach is proud to have partnered with customs, border, and immigration agencies to expand their virtual borders and secure their physical ones.

Canada’s Chain of Trust Project