WorldReach Software

Pre-arrival Process

When enrolling for any immigration, border or travel services, travellers are required to provide verifiable proof of their identities (via ePassport checks) at multiple checkpoints. Travellers get frustrated with repeatedly reaffirming their identity using the same ID documents again and again.

Sharing the same objectives as WTTC’s Safe & Seamless Traveller Journey and IATA’s One ID, at WorldReach, we are committed to improving the traveller experience by utilizing the government verified credentials for other travel-related service delivery. We offer pre-arrival processes and onboarding solutions that use the security of biometric information with the convenience of a mobile device. We take steps to ensure highly-secure enrollment and identity verification from anywhere, in just a few minutes, prior to airport or cruise centre arrival.

Our solutions move onboarding and identity verification onto a secure, digital platform, therefore freeing up expensive, highly-trained personnel (such as border officers, or government adjudicators) to focus on issues requiring more in-depth consideration. It also allows a much more secure, trusted process for those in the travel industry to verify identity for service eligibility and security checks, while providing a faster, more convenient, streamlined service for their customers.