WorldReach began its long history of innovative solutions in the Consular market focused on case and crisis management – developing products and services specifically for global operations across networks of low bandwidth, high latency, and Internet accessibility.

Through years of successful partnerships with government departments and agencies, WorldReach expanded its range of experience and solutions in the secure document issuance – from overseas Passports issuance/renewals and Emergency Travel Documents (ETDs), to Cloud based ePassport Issuance systems running on a SaaS model. And, in the last 5 years, adding new capabilities in remote trusted Identity and Document Verification (IDV).  IDV applies the knowledge of ePassport issuance and ICAO compliant Travel Document standards/best practices with today’s smartphones, OCR, NFC and facial recognition technologies.

The growing drive for Seamless Travel for low risk travellers, has led WorldReach to apply its knowledge and innovative thinking to the Integrated Immigration & Border Management market. We have worked with government departments covering international travel and other technology partners as industry lead on several air and land border modernization projects. WorldReach has improved Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) to foster its broader adoption with a more robust Secure ETA solution, by applying remote trusted biometric identity verification to qualify low risk screened travelers for automated border channels. This capability also applies the eVisa space.

Centering on our Know Your Traveller™ (KYT) innovative identity and document verification platform, WorldReach has expanded into the Secure ID (and Federated ID) market. This industry demands that governments and other stakeholders (e.g. within Fintech) can verify that you are who you say in order to enable digital services and to protect against fraud.

Immigration & Border Management

WorldReach focuses on remote identity and document verification and facilitated passenger flow to enable a safe and secure seamless border

Passport & Secure ID

WorldReach’s decades of expertise in secure document issuance and standards applied to new identity and document verification as a service


WorldReach with over 25 years’ experience is the leading consular market subject matter expert