Immigration & Border Management

Immigration & Border Management

Immigration & Border Management

Effective border management requires a balance between facilitating low-risk travellers coupled with the highest levels of security to guard against the entry of high-risk individuals. WorldReach helps border and immigration agencies expand their border control and integration using the latest mobile, biometric, and security technologies. WorldReach is helping governments to meet the challenges of managing the modern border with an eye towards the seamless movement of low risk travellers, protecting both border security and traveller privacy.

Our integrated Immigration & Border Management solutions allow our government partners to extend their virtual borders into the home, with remote, integrated identity and document verification solutions allowing travellers to apply for Secure ETAs, eVisas and other travel authorizations online.

WorldReach also sees the potential of ICAO’s proposed Digital Travel Credential (DTC) to provide opportunities for governments to offer citizens new options for streamlined travel, such as using the DTC for Emergency Travel Document requirements.

The Seamless Passenger Journey

WorldReach’s integrated Immigration & Border Management products are a part of a ‘walk-through experience’ for travellers. Platform-connected travellers and officers use WorldReach’s software as part of a secure ecosystem of land, air, and sea entry and exit clearance. This concept is aligned with WTTC’s Seamless Passenger Journey, IATA’s OneID initiative, and WEF’s Known Traveler Digital Identity.

Travellers use their verified biometric authorizations (QR Codes or ICAO Visible Digital Seals) to easily pass through gates which can integrate to multizone facial recognition flow control. Border and Immigration Agencies can easily apply automated policy-driven risk assessment to allow low-risk travellers to pass through clearance gates easily, while high-risk travellers can be flagged for secondary interviews and inspections. This has been tested by the Canadian government.

Travellers receive a seamless travel experience. They provide consent at enrollment, and share only encrypted authorizations they are already willing to share to travel, preserving the privacy and integrity of that information and adhering to international data protection standards.

Governments receive enhanced security and visitor facilitation. Officers are able to focus on the necessary intelligence — security flags, escalations, and secondary inspections and interviews to resolve discrepancies — allowing personnel to more readily focus their analysis on areas that matter.


Know Your Traveller

Secure ETA and eVisa processing, enrollment, and issuance is a core component of WorldReach’s KYT™ platform. The KYT platform integrates Secure ETAs, eVisa, and standard Visa applications, processing, and issuance with a full suite of other solutions, including airport security clearance facilitation, online ePassport application and renewal, registered traveller programs, and settlement programs.



Remote Digital ID and Document Verification: with anti-fraud liveness test, built-in biometrics 1:1 matching, near-field communication (NFC) for RFID chip verification, and watchlist checks.

IdentityReach is a mobile digital enrollment and identity verification service which uses common smartphone technology and an app to guide applicants through a private, secure and convenient self-service process remotely. IdentityReach incorporates a real-time biometric and document authentication check and works with all common forms of machine-readable ID documents.


VisaReach provides secure electronic travel clearance services. User friendly Secure ETA or eVisa mobile application incorporates remote ePassport reading and biometric collection. Agency dashboard allows Immigration/Border officials to approve ETAs/eVisa based on acceptance criteria, ePassport validations and watchlist checks.

Government Clients

WorldReach is proud to have partnered with the following governments’ customs, border, and immigration agencies to expand their virtual borders and secure their physical ones.

Immigration & Border Management Clients