Consular Market

WorldReach has a proven and trusted place in the consular market. Since 1993, WorldReach’s products have been used by national governments to manage the unique mission-critical, technical, and implementation challenges of the consular world.

WorldReach consular products are licenced to nearly 950 sites with over 3000 daily users worldwide for consular assistance, crisis management, and secure travel document issuance (including fully validity passports, emergency travel documents, and visa and eVisa applications and processing).

Consular Services are Our History

WorldReach was born from our parent company, AMITA, responding to the consular and foreign affairs needs of the Canadian government. Our first success stories in delivering long term development, implementation, and support of software came from building on that project to deliver the necessary solutions other governments required for their foreign consular missions.

Today WorldReach is able to provide our traditional full-service consular software, such as AssistReach and CrisisReach, along with more streamlined solutions like ConsulReach. ConsulReach provides the simplified fundamentals of AssistReach and CrisisReach in a cloud-based, Software as a Service model.

WorldReach also sees the potential of ICAO’s proposed Digital Travel Credential (DTC) to provide new opportunities for governments to offer citizens new options for streamlined travel, such as using the DTC for Emergency Travel Document (ETD) requirements, simplifying consular processes.

Our continued support of the consular services sector is a statement of commitment to the governments around the world who have trusted WorldReach to handle large-scale projects dedicated to the safety and well-being of their citizens.


Microsoft-based platforms 

Our consular services are powered by our commercial off-the-shelf platform combination of our Microsoft Silver Application Developer Partner offerings and our in-house customizations and extensions.


WorldReach offers a range of products for governments’ consular solutions needs:


Our person-centric solution for individual-level consular assistance. AssistReach has a variety of viewing options; person-view, relationship-view and case-view.


Our consular crisis management tool suite, covering preparedness, response, and case management in a person-centric approach. CrisisReach offers travel advisory management, travel registration management, an emergency information portal, and a comprehensive contingency planning capability.


Our ConsulReach offering provides a balanced, streamlined ‘starter pack’ solution for Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFAs) looking to build and implement the consular assistance and crisis management combined solutions offered in AssistReach and CrisisReach.


Our solution to overseas consulate secure document applications, processing, and issuance of full validity, temporary passports or emergency travel documents. PassportReach features interview capture tools, incorporation of industry leading ICAO photo quality checking tools dynamic checklist guides, inventory controls, and watchlist checks.


Our SaaS-based solution for consular processing of visas, with options for consular eVisa and electronic travel authorization (ETA) support. Features both online and premises-installed Visa/ETA application support (including payment processing and receipt issuance), and automatic watchlist examinations.

Government Clients

WorldReach is proud to have partnered with the following Ministries of Foreign Affairs to implement trusted consular solutions for their citizens abroad.

Consular Clients