Passport & Secure ID

Passport & Secure ID

WorldReach’s best-practices in the issuance and handling of secure travel and identification documents, as well as immigration and border management processes, have positioned us to best support governments in proactively managing their borders and supporting their citizens’ rights with secure ID documents.

WorldReach’s issuance solutions ensures secure travel documents are made with industry-leading security practices, following ICAO standards for machine-readable travel documents (MRTDs), including RFID chip, machine-readable zones (MRZs), and the latest in security printing features.

WorldReach also sees the potential of ICAO’s proposed Digital Travel Credential (DTC) to provide new opportunities for governments to offer citizens new options for streamlined travel, such as using the DTC for Emergency Travel Document requirements.

Secure digital IDs and federated ID systems provide industry-leading security features to travellers and citizens, also using ICAO standards. Federated ID derived from secure travel documents as a higher level of authentication plays an integral role in citizens having minimal data exposure while still being able to verify their identity when accessing e-services whether from government or financial institutions.

Cloud-based SaaS Secure ID document issuance

Secure ID document issuance is a multi-step process: application, enrollment, identity verification and entitlement, interview, authorization, release, and finally issuance and renewal. The multi-step process can be time and resource intensive, requiring premises, personnel, and transmission of documents from location to location in-person, by courier, or by internal mail.

WorldReach’s cloud-based SaaS secure ID issuance and verification solutions allows governments to reduce inefficiencies. Applications can be started and submitted online from the citizen’s home or office, extending the issuance office’s reach. Secure encryption guarantees that electronic filings are both more secure and faster than mail.

Identity verification can be accelerated via processing in the secure cloud, allowing rapid, rigorous examination of entitlement while government authorities focus on the higher-risk issues.

Processing of recording authorization, orders, and release, as well as inventory tracking, are done automatically in the cloud, permitting these steps to be executed in near-real time and tracked automatically, dramatically reducing the time needed from traditional methods.

Both citizens and governments receive a secure, streamlined document issuance system, protecting citizens’ private data and governments’ proprietary data and property with reduced overhead, time, and personnel requirements.


Know Your Traveller

Know Your Traveller (KYT) is our innovative capstone in enhanced identity and document verification. KYT is modeled on the financial industry’s Know Your Customer (KYC) practices, the process that banks and financial institutions use to verify the identities of their clients before carrying on business. KYT allows governments to not only identify and verify the travellers coming to the country prior to leaving home, but to verify the identity and entitlements of those accessing e-government services within the country.

Microsoft-based platforms 

Our passport offerings are powered by our commercial off-the-shelf platform combination of our Microsoft Silver Application Developer Partner offerings and our in-house customizations and extensions.


WorldReach offers a range of products for the Secure ID market:


Remote Digital ID and Document Verification with anti-fraud liveness test, built-in biometrics 1:1 matching, near-field communication (NFC) for RFID chip verification, and watchlist checks.

IdentityReach is a mobile digital enrollment and identity verification service which uses common smartphone technology and an app to guide applicants through a private, secure and convenient self-service process 100% remotely. IdentityReach incorporates a real-time biometric and document authentication check and works with all common forms of machine-readable ID documents.


VisaReach provides secure electronic travel clearance services. User friendly Secure ETA or eVisa mobile application is based on ‘Know your Traveller’ (KYT) process innovation capability which incorporates remote ePassport reading and biometric collection. Agency dashboard allows Immigration/Border officials to entitle ETAs/eVisa based on acceptance criteria, ePassport validations and watchlist checks.


Based on WorldReach’s proven secure travel document solutions engine which has been in use since 1994, PassportReach is a cost-effective, ICAO-compliant secure travel document issuance solution supporting online security screening processes for passport/ePassport enrollment and entitlement. The system facilitates electronic capture of application and supporting documentation. This product suite also can issue Seafarers’ Identity Documents (SIDs). Our SID solution is a fully ICAO-compliant electronic machine readable travel document, with all the security features of other secure travel documents, designed to stand up to five years of salt water and humidity.

Government Clients

WorldReach is proud to have implemented our proven secure travel document issuance systems with the following governments.

Passport & Secure ID Clients