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WorldReach is a member of or has representation on a multitude of industry-leading association and standards-defining organizations. These organizations set the pace for global technological development in digital and federated ID, travel documents, biometrics, and much more. Through these associations, WorldReach is able to gain industry and technical insight, while contributing its own knowledge into evolving trends, technologies, and governmental needs.

Industry Associations

Immigration & Border Management

The Beyond Preclearance Coalition is a group of American and Canadian organizations with a vested interest in advancing the efficient and secure movement of goods and people across the US–Canada border. The Coalition commissioned a White Paper which identifies the strategy to achieving this vision, including a coordinated effort between governments and the private sector. The Beyond Preclearance Coalition aligns with WorldReach’s efforts and projects with Canada-US Immigration and Border Agencies.

Biometrics Institute

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The Biometrics Institute is an industry knowledge sharing forum for development and best-practice guidance around the responsible use of biometrics. WorldReach are Supplier Members and frequent presenters at Biometrics Institute Events.

Digital ID and Authentication Council of Canada

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The Digital ID and Authentication Council of Canada is non-profit coalition of public-and private-sector thought leaders in secure digital ID and ID verification. WorldReach are Sustaining Members of DIACC with representation on the Pan Canadian Trust Framework Expert Committee (TFEC).

International Air Travel Association

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The International Air Travel Association is the trade association representing 290 airlines (or 82% of all air traffic), who’s aim is to assist airlines by simplifying processes and increasing passenger convenience while reducing costs and improving efficiency. WorldReach is an Industry Strategic Partner contributing to IATA’s OneID Initiative.


In combination with WTTC’s Seamless Passenger Journey, centering around biometrics and federated ID, IATA’s OneID Initiative aims to allow passengers to assert their identity just once, eliminating repetitive ID checks at security, border control and the gate. This includes: 1) a trusted digital identity, 2) an identity management platform, 3) identity verification through biometric recognition, and 4) a trust framework

International Border Management and Technologies Association

Immigration & Border Management

The International Border Management and Technologies Association (IBMATA) is a not for profit international non-governmental organization (NGO) committed to the safe and secure movement of people and goods across international borders. WorldReach has Non-Executive Director representation at IBMATA on Stakeholder Enablement.

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The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) is a forum for the private international Travel & Tourism sector. WTTC works to increase awareness of Travel & Tourism as one of the world’s most sizable economic sectors globally. WTTC also prioritizes: Security & Travel Facilitation, Crisis Preparedness, Management & Recovery, and Sustainable Growth.  WorldReach is proud to be represented in WTTC as a Global Member.

WTTC also advocates for the Seamless Traveller Journey approach. The Seamless Traveller Journey’s goal is to avoid having travellers repeatedly presenting their travel documents at various conjunctures in their travels, rather they would use a single biometric identifier, creating a secure ‘walk-through experience’ for traveller flow efficiency. WorldReach’s remote identity and document verification solutions supports this approach as the front door to Seamless Traveller Journeys.


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Microsoft Silver Application Development Partners like WorldReach are certified to have core competencies and technical skills in implementing Microsoft-based solutions for clients.