Know Your Traveller

Know Your Traveller

WorldReach’s Know Your Traveller™ (KYT) platform is more than just a platform, it’s a complete secure identity and document verification system with applications in secure ID, immigration and border management. KYT is designed with an eye towards future demands, integrating into federated ID ecosystems, digital government service delivery, financial & regulatory compliance, and secure ecommerce delivery.

Conceptually based on the financial industry’s Know Your Customer (KYC) processes for businesses to verify the identity of their clients, WorldReach’s KYT platform is a highly secure and user-friendly Software as a Service (SaaS) solution designed for the following use cases:

  • Immigration & Border Management
  • Secure ID issuance and verification
  • Online passport renewal
  • Secure ETAs® applications & processing
  • Visa and eVisa applications & processing
  • Airport security facilitation
  • Registered traveller programs
  • Settlement programs
  • Federated ID

Identity Verification as a Service (IDVaaS)

The KYT platform offers remote identity and document verification, acting as a turnkey solution for government partners looking to institute rigorous checks and verifications on citizen and traveller identity. It is designed from the ground up using Privacy-by-Design principles to provide travellers (individuals) with minimal intrusion into their personal data, revealing only what officials need to know about the individual.


  • Provides governments with accurate, near-real-time risk assessment of travellers
  • Provides biometric data and biographic information remotely and authenticated securely
  • Facilitates and accelerates low-risk travel, tourism, and trade
  • Automatically escalates alerts for deeper scrutiny by the appropriate agency authorities

The KYT platform is designed to provide maximum benefits to all good-faith actors in the travel process, getting individuals the necessary travel documents and allowing them to pass entry and exit points quicker, protecting their personal data, easing the burden on customs, immigration, and border officials, and quickly identifying issues with travellers that may warrant greater attention or intervention.


The digital age is bringing increased demand for security, both for governments and individuals. KYT’s strength is its ability to adapt to future demands for secure digital identity and document verification. As federated ID systems and secure ID document issuance and authentication are increasingly in-demand by governments and private sector actors, the trusted identity verification solution offered by the KYT platform is robust enough to grow with the evolving needs of each industry.

WorldReach is able to leverage the KYT platform to also provide:

  • Federated ID; KYT plays an important role in the ecosystem of secure, virtual verified identity that makes up every individuals’ secure digital identity
  • Digital government services; government-supplied, biometrically-verified travel credentials provide a secure way to provide e-government services to eligible citizens
  • Financial Technology and Know Your Customer; our KYT platform can offer solid identity verification and watchlist checks for financial institutions to help with KYC compliance
  • eCommerce; KYT is ready to be a part of a robust ecosystem of biometrically-driven, age- and identity-verified online payment solutions