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WorldReach Website Privacy Policy

WorldReach is a world-recognized leader in protecting the safety and security of citizens and travellers. That is no different when you visit our site. Based in Canada and with traffic from all over the world, including the European Union, we are bound both by Canada’s Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) and the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

This page details WorldReach’s privacy policy, what data we collect, retain, what we use it for, disclosure of data, and rights of site visitors.

IP addresses collects and logs IP addresses for systems administration, site analytics through Google Analytics, and security purposes. IP addresses are logged to the session; however, the user linked to the IPs remains anonymous. IP addresses will only be disclosed to third-party law enforcement agencies in the event of a lawful court order or in the process of reporting a malicious attack on the site.

Cookies uses 3 cookies for session tracking and analytics purposes. Cookies are anonymous, and track session data only.

Internal Links

The internal links on this site are tracked by session through a combination of IP address information and session cookies. This data is used for systems administration and analytics purposes only.

External Links

This site contains links to external websites. cannot warrant the integrity of external sites, nor their adherence to PIPEDA or the GDPR.

Forms has forms which collect personal data volunteered by visitors to the site. This data is only used to contact you for opt-in solicitation of marketing materials and information. This information is not given or sold to third parties.

Retention of Data retains the above-enumerated data for the stated purposes for which it was collected or for compliance with legal obligations. When the information collected has no further purpose, the data is destroyed or anonymized.

Specific Purpose

Data is collected only for the specific and reasonable purposes enumerated previously. No data is collected for general, unspecified use.


Data is collected in a transparent manner. All data collected and the purpose therefore is disclosed to you, both on this page and during the consent agreement.


WorldReach has instituted safeguards to ensure the privacy of your data, include SSL/TLS certificates and a TLS (https) connection. Organizational safeguards exist to limit access of WorldReach personnel to your data. Both technical and organizational safeguards protect your data from theft, alteration, or other similar loss or misuse.

Right of Consent and Revocation of Consent

For WorldReach to collect the above-mentioned data on you, you must affirmatively consent to the data being collected. If you do not consent to the data being collected, you still have the right to use the website. Functionality may be limited due to certain data collection required for the site to function not being collected when affirmative consent is not granted; these limitations are disclosed to you during the consent action.

You furthermore have the right to revoke previously granted consent at any time, under the same conditions as above.

Right of Disclosure

You have the right to request whatever data WorldReach has on you, and WorldReach has a responsibility to disclose that information.

Right to Correct/Update

You have the right to dispute any personal information in error. You have the right to request this information be corrected. WorldReach has an obligation to comply.

Right of Erasure/Right to be Forgotten

You have the right to request, at any time, that your personal data be erased, and WorldReach has an obligation to comply.