Our ConsulReach offering provides a balanced, streamlined ‘starter pack’ solution for Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFAs) looking to build and implement the consular assistance and crisis management combined solutions offered in AssistReach and CrisisReach.

Built on an equally streamlined version of our in-house software, using Microsoft Dynamics XRM as its backbone, ConsulReach is able to provide a flexible ‘starter pack’ base of consular solutions for MFAs’ consular missions wishing to simplify their processes and easily connect to other Microsoft-based systems.

ConsulReach supports consular assistance and crisis and emergency event management leveraging:

  • Microsoft Dynamics-based XRM  for a single interface for individual assistance delivery and crisis management
  • Flexible, streamlined SaaS delivery
  • Microsoft Azure cloud environments (commercial or government procured)

ConsulReach strikes the balance between flexibility, scalability, procurement budget needs, and the protection of citizens abroad.


ConsulReach is targeted towards the consular market.

For government foreign affairs missions and consulates, ConsulReach offers joint interoperability between and streamlined delivery in a simplified, cloud-based SaaS model. ConsulReach is ideal for governments looking to build a flexible delivery of consular services without added complexity.



As the leading international provider in consular service commercial off-the-shelf software, WorldReach is proud to offer our government partners access to our Microsoft Silver Application Developer partner suite of software platforms, coupled with our in-house customizations and extensions.

ConsulReach fully leverages:

  • The Microsoft Dynamics XRM
  • Streamlined, lightweight Cloud SaaS delivery of WorldReach’s proven consular solutions