The issuance of secure travel documents to citizens abroad is a complicated process whereby differing priorities can challenge many governments. There is a balancing act between meeting high service standards and the need to increase security and cost-effectiveness.

PassportReach provides the ideal balance as a secure, scalable, cost effective and timely solution.
It supports all phases of secure document issuance such as data capture, entitlement & identity processing, scanning, tracking and printing in the case of temporary or emergency secure travel documents. PassportReach supports local, regional and centralized production. PassportReach is an ideal complement for governments considering e-Passports for the need to address passport issuance abroad. Since 1994, PassportReach has been used to process millions of passport applications.



PassportReach has applications in both the passport & secure ID and consular markets.

Immigration & Border Management For passport offices looking for a secure ID solution, PassportReach provides security at every level for the issuance of secure travel documents. The integrity of your issuance process and the safety of your citizens is protected at every stage.
For government foreign affairs missions and consulates, PassportReach provides a vital step in the issuance of full-validity or temporary passports and emergency travel documents to your citizens abroad, whether they’re in a neighbouring country or overseas.



As the leading international provider in secure travel document and consular service commercial off-the-shelf software, WorldReach is proud to offer our government partners access to our Microsoft Silver Application Developer partner suite of software platforms, coupled with our in-house customizations and extensions.

PassportReach fully leverages:

  • An interoperable web-based interface
  • Secure, robust databases
  • Cloud installations and elastic computing for secure, cost-effective, on-the-fly scalability
  • The option of on-premise installations for full management of the delivered PassportReach software