WorldReach Resources


WorldReach publishes, presents and collects informative white papers on issues of interest to the integrated immigration & border management, secure ID, and consular world. For more information on any of the below papers or presentations, please contact us.


Immigration & Border Management Resources:

SDW 2018

Enabling Seamless Travel: Canada’s Chain of Trust (Air Travel) Project

Connect:ID 2017

Canada’s FASTER-PrivBio Project- Biometrics at the Virtual Border to enhance security and facilitation (IRCC and WorldReach)

Keesing Journal of Documents & Identity Issue 50 (June, 2016)

Innovative cloud-based passport issuance system: A cost-effective, secure approach for small and developing states

Know Your Traveller

Enhanced Early Identification and Authentication – Done Remotely


Passport & Secure ID:

DIACC Annual General Meeting

Enabling Seamless Travel: The Challenges, Trends and International Initiatives



Migrants in Countries in Crisis (MICIC) Initiative Summary

Evacuation and Repatriation of Migrants in Countries Experiencing Conflict or Natural Disaster

PATA: Issues &Trends 2015

Are We Ready for the Next Crisis? Consular Contingency Planning and Crisis Management

The Challenge of Providing Consular Service Today

Examining such topics as the citizen-centric nature of consular service delivery, changes in communication, the evolution of governments and the role technology plays.

MFA Call Centre Discussion Paper

Examining the trend of centralised call centre usage by Ministries of Foreign Affairs.

Consular Challenges Associated With Evacuations — Lebanon Evacuation

The challenges that are present in a mass evacuation during a large-scale crisis.

Looking After Australians Overseas - Lowy Institute

Consular challenges facing the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Modernization of Consular Services — The Canadian Experience

Governments are under increasing pressure to provide improved and increased consular services.