WorldReach Software


Training unlocks the full potential of WorldReach’s software and its daily-use personnel, government training staff, and administrators.

Our training options combine instruction, workflows, real-world examples, and hands-on exercises. Upon completion of our training programs, users, trainers, and system administrators obtain the required knowledge to control operational workflow, maximize the impact of operational results, smooth out the adoption process, and efficiently use their customized solution.


On-site Training

We bring our training to our clients, their daily users, training staff, and systems administrators. By taking place in a familiar environment and convenient time for our clients, our expert training is made more efficient and effective.

Training covers all applicable WorldReach solutions for full functionality and daily use.

On-Site training consists of:

Training the System Administrators: system administrators would also benefit in attending the training as well to help them fully understand the system.

Virtual Training Options

If a client’s in-house trainers are in short supply or project conflicts arise, WorldReach training staff can conduct web-based training sessions.

A number of tools are available to train remote staff efficiently and cost-effectively:


Online Tutorials

Courses can be placed on distributable media or uploaded to our client’s Intranet. Our tutorials can serve as a self-directed introduction for product user overviews to grasp fundamental functionality or as a cost-effective refresher to the system.


Live Web-Based Training Session

Our virtual classroom is live, interactive, online training for those who prefer attending classes without leaving their office. These sessions provide the elimination of the monetary and time costs of travel. Live web-based training is a pragmatic way to have headquarters-based trainers cover a large number of remote posts in a short period of time.