WorldReach Services Group helps government clients drive innovation while minimizing risk. Our technical team offers an impressive mix of consular experience and the latest technology know-how to directly address key development challenges and ensure success. From concept through production to maintenance, WorldReach Services Group complements and enhances a Ministry’s IT strengths and limitations to help hit production deadlines on time and on budget with a solution designed from the ground up to meet the unique challenges of today’s as well as tomorrow’s consular systems.

Proven Experience

Our services team has production-proven experience in integrated consular solutions – from case and crisis management, to passport and electronic travel authorization systems, we are used to thinking and developing holistically. We understand first-hand the pressures Ministries are under and know how develop within the global network constraints, with “must exceed” requirements, and immoveable deadlines. We leverage global best practices across our client base and pass along those lessons learned in every product and solution we develop.

“Custom”-off-the-shelf Solutions & SaaS

We understand that COTS solutions often require fine-tuning to meet a Ministry’s unique requirements, whether that’s a change in work flow, integration to other important but disparate systems, or specific added functionality. While clients take advantage of our standard core products, especially for the economies of scale offered in Software as a Service model, they can get the best of both worlds by having the WorldReach Services Group tweak the products to suit their individual needs. This approach leverages not only our standard product development and production-proven robustness, but also offers the most requirement flexibility and the best value for money.

Standard Project Management Practices

WorldReach Services Group works within a structured methodology that ensures your deployed system is completed on time and on budget with unbeatable quality. Technical project execution involves industry standard management and development processes to ensure great results, communicated efficiently and effectively throughout your organization. WorldReach follows the guiding principles and best practices from Project Management Book of Knowledge (PM BoK).