WorldReach Software


Since 1998, WorldReach Software has been helping ensure traveller safety, security and facilitation worldwide through its systems for government immigration, passport, border management and consular/citizen services.

Building on our decades of consular case and crisis management experience, WorldReach supplies trusted secure electronic ID/travel document issuance and remote identity verification services, using our Know Your Traveller™ (KYT) innovative platform and processes. Whether for citizen or commercial service eligibility, travel authorization or border security, or simply to provide a better frictionless citizen experience – Government agencies depend on WorldReach solutions to verify you are who they say you are.


Know Your Traveller

WorldReach’s Know Your Traveller™ (KYT) platform is more than just a platform, it’s a complete secure identity and document verification system with applications in secure ID, immigration and border management. KYT is designed with an eye towards future demands, integrating into federated ID ecosystems, digital government service delivery, financial & regulatory compliance, and secure e-commerce delivery.


Identity and Document Verification

IdentityReach is a mobile digital enrolment and identity verification service that uses common smartphone technology and app to guide applicants through a private, secure and convenient remote self-service process, incorporating real-time biometric and machine-readable eID document authentication checks.


Secure Passport Issuance In-Country & Abroad

PassportReach supports all phases of secure document issuance at home and aboard such as data capture, entitlement & identity processing, scanning, tracking and personalization in the case of overseas, temporary or emergency travel documents.


Secure Electronic Travel Clearance

VisaReach is a Saas-based, cost effective, easy to implement solution that significantly improves the security screening process for Visa Waiver Programs (VWPs) to facilitate the electronic clearance of low risk travellers.


Delivering Consular Assistance Abroad

WorldReach’s person-centric consular case management solution, AssistReach, enables consular staff to electronically create and track all aspects of each consular service request, incident or interaction with a citizen at both the headquarters and mission level.


Managing Crises Abroad

CrisisReach is a comprehensive integrated person-centric crisis management solution that provides the ideal balance of proactive and reactive tools and extends the reach of a government beyond its borders to help provide assistance to citizens in need – wherever the crisis may occur.