WorldReach Software


IdentityReach is an automated digital enrollment and claimed identity verification service capable of processing high volumes of applications without requiring a visit to an application centre for biometric or document checks.

It should be considered in any situation where there is a requirement to verify the identity of large numbers of individuals, typically as a step in a registration or application process. It is purpose neutral, easy to deploy and scale, and avoids the need to invest in a footprint of physical facilities because it works wherever there is network coverage.

All interactions with applicants are conducted via smartphone, using standard features to deliver: a biometric check, identity document input, and multilingual guidance through the application process.  This is coupled with an automated back-end process suite that verifies the claimed identity, authenticates and checks the validity of documentation, determines eligibility, checks for watchlist alerts and processes that application through to issue, rejection or referral.

IdentityReach Diagram

From the public’s perspective this is very attractive because it avoids the need to visit an office facility; it works 24/7 from anywhere there is network coverage and typically takes minutes to complete an application, with no prior coaching or experience. It also was developed adhering to both Privacy-by Design principles and GDPR mandates.

From the service buyer’s perspective, it offers an accessible, secure and cost-effective alternative to the traditional option of biometric checks and document processing at a network of staffed facilities.

The service is designed to integrate and scale easily within planned or existing application processing and identity management ecosystems. IdentityReach is highly configurable and comes with a suite of management, workflow and monitoring tools that can be tailored to the needs of the Customer.

Remote Identity and Document Verification