WorldReach Software


With international travel due to double by 2030, nations have an increased need to focus on security while at the same time expediting an ever increasing volume of lower risk travellers. Many are employing a range of electronic authorizations at all practical points prior to the traveller arriving at their borders. In essence pushing the border outward to allow more time for higher security checks, with fewer resources at less cost.

VisaReach is WorldReach’s solution designed specifically to facilitate virtual borders for high volume, low-risk travellers for Electronic Online Visas (eVisas) and Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) programs and is based on our Know Your Traveller™ (KYT) Platform. The VisaReach solution provides a security-enhancing extension to existing ETA/ESTA/ETIAS or eVisa programs, or a cost-effective replacement for inherently low-security Visa-On-Arrival (VOA) schemes.


User friendly VisaReach mobile application includes innovation capability built-in through remote ePassport scanning, reading, biometric and biographic data collection. The Agency side dashboard allows Immigration officials to entitle ETAs/eVisas based on acceptance criteria and entitlement checks, ePassport validations and watchlist checks.

Both ETAs and eVisas can be deployed by both web interface and mobile applications, allowing applicants a simple, user-friendly way to apply to the relevant travel authority, pay for their travel authorizations, and be issued a secure receipt online.