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Spain has launched a new registration system for travelers

(Ottawa, ON – July 8, 2008)

With the impending U.S. presidential election there has been a large emphasis placed on the importance of inviting prospective voters to register. The argument for registration is that without it people will not be afforded the opportunity to have their voices heard. Like casting a vote, citizen travel registration is another way to have a citizen’s voice heard by their country, specifically their Ministry of Foreign Affairs in times of crisis when assistance is necessary.

The Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation launched an information campaign in May 2008 titled “Your Embassy can help”. The campaign which is now in its third year is aimed at promoting all the services and rights Spanish citizens have while travelling abroad; this year’s campaign is focused on Registration. It is in regards to this focus that Spain has launched a new registration system for travelers and citizens living abroad.

The registration system is based on the Registration module within the CrisisReach® product and allows Spanish citizens to enter their individual data, trip itinerary and emergency contact information through the Ministry’s website –

This new registration system proactively empowers travelers to allow the Ministry’s Crisis Unit to be better prepared in response to crises by establishing an immediate line of contact with travelers and their relatives.

With this new emphasis placed on registration, it is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation’s intent to create a level of ‘interactive communication’ between itself and travelers, as they try to get closer to their citizens and offer all of the Spanish abroad the greatest degree of protection.

Additionally as part of the campaign the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation has distributed approximately half a million explanatory leaflets. The pamphlet includes important phone numbers, a listing of consulates consular sections abroad and outlines the capabilities of what a consulate can offer their citizens abroad. Spain has 176 consulate offices and 375 honorary consulates abroad.

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