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WorldReach 2020: The Year of Rapid Digital Change

January 5, 2021 | Source: WorldReach

(OTTAWA) – The year 2020 will go down in history for many things, but one of the most progressive aspects has been the urgent need for contactless identity verification for Government eService delivery. A recent McKinsey & Company Report has estimated that COVID-19 has accelerated the digitization of customer/citizen interactions by three to four years, and digital product development by more than seven years. As an established leader in remote identity and digital ID document verification, five+ years before COVID-19, WorldReach has seen incredible company and client growth in 2020 as a result.

WorldReach made not one but two Fastest Growing Companies Lists 

  1. The Globe and Mail Canada’s Top Growing Companies List recognizing our 3-year growth rate of over 404%. We rank 119th overall with the second highest growth rate of all 19 Ottawa-based companies on the list. 
  2. Canadian Business Growth List for our equally impressive 5-year growth rate of 339%.

2020 saw WorldReach continue its unparalleled success with the UK Home Office’s EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS) for its smartphone based digital ID Verification (IDV) and enrolment capability. Completed applications surpassed 4.3 million with an industry leading conversion rate. Kevin Foster, Minister for Future Borders and Immigration, UK Home Office said, “The scheme is the biggest of its kind in British history”. The EUSS also won the UK Home Office ‘Best Public Sector Project’ at the National Technology Awards 2020.

WorldReach used 2020 to build stronger strategic partnerships with best of breed technologies and focus on safe, innovative processes informed by decades of experience deploying real-world Government to Citizen digital services. We immersed ourselves in the international technical standards for secure travel documents, based around ICAO Document 9303 and the new Digital Travel Credential (DTC) standard, announced in late 2020. Our staff are active participants in standards setting bodies and best practices organizations for safe and seamless borders (WTTC, IATA, IBMATA, Future Borders Coalition), digital identity (DIACC), device security (FIDO Alliance) and biometrics (Biometrics Institute).

Incorporating DTCs, WorldReach’s IDV solution is included in two global contactless travel entry Pilots set to begin in early 2021
  1. Eurostar Pilot Project LAMINAR is targeted for spring 2021 where travellers at London’s St Pancras International Station will be able to use a touchless biometric lane without presenting any formal identification or ticket, reducing friction and safety concerns.
  2. Canada’s Chain of Trust Pilot employs similar approach, but for air. Biographic and biometric data is captured early in the travel continuum and a derived digital travel credential (DTC) is stored in the secure wallet on the smartphone. This verified credential is shared and combined with dynamic risk assessment to determine the appropriate channel for each passenger at the border. The ultimate aim is to achieve zero wait time at a new touchless border for eligible, low-risk passengers.

“2020 highlighted the difficult challenge for governments to verify identity remotely and deliver e-services quickly”, stated Gordon Wilson, WorldReach President and CEO, “Fortunately, WorldReach had already been in production in many high identity assurance programs, and testing for seamless travel pilots globally. This meant no downtime in existing services, and an ability to scale quickly for real-world innovative initiatives to support economic recovery in multiple industries such as travel.  Despite COVID-19, we hit the ground running, and I’m so very proud of the entire WorldReach team.” 

“In 2021, we see even more applications for remote identity and document verification across markets especially applied to the urgent need for digital identity in all aspects of our lives”.

More highlights from 2020 include:

Industry Reports

“WorldReach’s position is strong, as border checks are becoming part of the digital transformation of governments and airports. WorldReach, as a company, is well placed to either take part as a point solution, or be woven into the wider ecosystems that handle travellers and other government IDs.”

Juniper Digital Identity Report 2020-2025
  • Juniper Digital Identity Report 2020-2025 WorldReach is a Segment Focused Leading Challenger and one of fourteen companies profiled on their digital identity leader board. The EUSS was one of only three successful case studies highlighted in the report.
  • WTTC Global Guides for Safe & Seamless Traveller Journey Report  WorldReach is one of nine companies profiled as technology providers that support the implementation of SSTJ concepts. It highlights the Eurostar and Chain of Trust Pilots along with the EU Settlement Scheme.

Requested Presentations

  • Frontex – Industry Days: Leveraging Existing eMRTD Capabilities Automated Border Control using Smartphones for Identity and Document Verification
  • ICAO NTWG – Innovation Session: Leveraging Existing eMRTD Capabilities Manual or Automated Border Control Improvements and Virtual Use in Smart Devices
  • Biometrics Institute Congress: Accelerating touchless borders & immigration
  • IdentityNORTH Fall Summit: Applying Digital Identity Verification and Digital Travel Credentials to deliver Safe and Seamless Borders & Travel

Expert Panels


  • ReadID: Conversion is key – How to reach a high onboarding conversion with identity verification software
  • International Biometric Forum: Critical role of biometrics in the remote identity verification digital process of the highly successful Home Office EU Settlement Scheme
  • ThinkDigital Partners: Could the Key to Rebooting the World’s Economy Lie in Making Air Travel Truly ‘Borderless and Touchless’?

Industry Articles

“At WorldReach, we believe travel service providers can contribute to pandemic recovery globally by adopting new processes that support the remote and touchless use of biometrics. We in the industry have an obligation to work collaboratively with agencies and partners to make that happen.”
Jon Payne, Executive Director, Global Partnerships, WorldReach
IATA Strategic Partnerships Newsletter – COVID-19 Special Edition

About WorldReach
WorldReach Software uses innovative processes and technology to verify you are who you say you are to enable digital services delivery, through its systems for:

• government travel services (borders, immigration, passport, consular) and digital citizen services;
• safe and seamless traveller journey with the travel sector;
• highly trusted digital Identity verification and corroboration.

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