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WorldReach, Entrust at Connect:ID 2021

October 5, 2021 | Washington D.C.

WorldReach Software, an Entrust Company, will be exhibiting and presenting in person at Connect:ID, 5-6 October, at the Walter E Washington Convention Center in Washington D.C.

Connect:ID is a world class identity conference and exhibition, showcasing practical implementations of trusted identity solutions, and highlighting how disruptive technology and policy decisions are driving much needed change.

Don’t miss us at our Booth 220 or on the panel, “Future Borders”, where we will be discussing with CBP and TSA how recent innovations in identity technology and seamless travel are shaping a new vision for a future digital border. The panel takes place at 2:45 pm ET on October 5.

Additionally, we will be hosting an “Evolutions in devirved PIV” RoundTable at 1:50pm ET on October 6.

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About WorldReach, an Entrust Company
WorldReach Software, acquired by Entrust in April 2021, uses innovative processes and technology to remotely verify you are who you say you are to enable digital services delivery, through its systems for:

• government travel services (borders, immigration, passport, consular) and digital citizen services;
• safe & seamless traveller journey with the travel sector;
• high assurance digital Identity verification and corroboration.

Press contact
Shelley Bryen, Product Marketing Director,  +1 (613) 697-6997

WorldReach, Entrust: Innovation Sponsors of Goode Intelligence’s IDENTIFY 2021

June 23, 2021 | Source: WorldReach

WorldReach, an Entrust Company, are proud Innovation Sponsors of IDENTIFY 2021. Goode Intelligence will be hosting this important global identity event on June 29th.

The Innovation Session will be held at 13:30 BST (08:30 EDT). Jon Payne, Strategic Alliances Director at Entrust will be showcasing three innovative Government to Citizen case studies. These immigration and border control examples highlight trusted remote identity and document verification. This is at the forefront of secure digital onboarding. He will then be joining an esteemed group of industry experts for a panel discussion on “Innovation in Identity Proofing.”

Steven Grant, Business Development Director, will immediately follow at 15:00 BST (10:00 EDT) examining “The critical role of identity verification for health and vaccine passports”.

Don’t miss your chance to hear these two highly respected subject matter experts talking about two key aspects of identity verification – securing a world in motion.

Register here.

About WorldReach, an Entrust Company
WorldReach Software uses innovative processes and technology to remotely verify you are who you say you are to enable digital services delivery, through its systems for:

• government travel services (borders, immigration, passport, consular) and digital citizen services;
• safe & seamless traveller journey with the travel sector;
• high assurance digital Identity verification and corroboration.

To learn more about our seamless travel & border solutions and identity verification approach, please visit here.

Press contact
Shelley Bryen, Product Marketing Management Director,  +1 (613) 697-6997

WorldReach included in Biometrics Institute COVID-19 Response Report 2021

May 12, 2021 | Source: WorldReach

WorldReach Software, an Entrust Company, is a key technology supplier featured in Biometrics Institute’s latest Report: COVID-19: Effective and responsible biometrics solutions and concepts – one year into the pandemic.

For the 2021 updated Report, the Biometric Institute asked its members to address the critical questions organizations are still facing as a result of the pandemic and to explain how their solutions are effective. WorldReach chose to focus on lessons learned from successful, uninterrupted digital onboarding programs, and the new customer experience expectations that are here to stay.

Digital Onboarding After the Pandemic: A Checklist for Success

As vaccination programs expand and COVID-19 cases drop, thoughts are turning to life after the pandemic. What will our new normal look like? What have we learned and what changes will persist?

One safe bet is that citizens will demand and expect remote, digital onboarding into both government and commercial services. The public appetite for sitting in waiting rooms and handing over paper documents – already waning before the pandemic – has gone forever. The post-COVID citizen knows that digital options are available, and expects service providers to offer them.

But this is about much more than buying some shiny new tech. To make a success of digital onboarding, service providers need to focus on the whole end-to-end process and the customer experience. For both government and commercial services, this is the only way to derive best value from digitization.  

In the financial industry, the abandonment rate for digital onboarding is reported to be 63% (Signicat, The Battle to Onboard 2020 – The impact of Covid-19 and beyond). By comparison, in our work in government services, WorldReach has a successful user completion rate of over 90%. Why the stark difference?

At WorldReach, we are able to monitor telemetry data from ongoing usage (over 5 million transactions and counting), identifying opportunities for continuous improvement and examining the impact of subtle changes to see their results on the ground. As a result, we have developed a clear view about what works.

The diagram below summarizes our checklist for success: four key Customer Value Drivers that all service providers should consider when planning a move into digital onboarding and services.

Customer Value Drivers

We believe these four Customer Value Drivers can help agencies assess the impact of proposed designs, technology and user experience for each element of identity verification and digital onboarding:

  1. Achieving high user completion rates above industry norms: A service provider should offer high incentive or value to the end user to try the digital process. Once the end user decides to opt in to the digital channel, there should be a very high success rate of completing the process. This requires a logical workflow, clear user guidance, easy to use technology, and process innovation to ensure a good user experience. If these elements are all in place, service providers will minimize rates of abandonment, which provides no customer value and often creates a disincentive for others who may follow.
  2. Achieving a high identity assurance level: This includes the level of verification of the e-chipped document and use of its secure facial images as a biometric reference, without having to gain access to a central database from the issuing authority. Many identity verification services rely primarily on optical scans/images of an ID document, with inherent security weaknesses for the verification process. It is difficult to obtain consistently high-quality facial images from a scanned or photographed document at the same level as a chip-stored biometric. This can cause repeated customer attempts, leading to abandonment and/or a low-quality image for the reference photograph. This, in turn, can lead to more attempts at manual confirmation. There is also a need to ensure the facial image meets appropriate criteria for 1:1 facial matching that is sensitive to the circumstances of the user. Liveness (or genuine presence) is a further example of the recommended security measures, along with corroborating information needed to achieve high identity assurance (e.g. see UK Good Practice Guide 45).
  3. Achieving minimized manual review/intervention: The degree of success achieved on the above issues will greatly affect the ability to meet a threshold for automatic processing and so allow minimal manual human review and acceptance. Manual review, if used routinely, will slow the process to the point where end users may abandon and so will not be easily scalable or cost effective. There will always be instances where manual adjudication and approval is deemed necessary, such as suspected fraudulent activity, or other circumstances where it is not possible to meet typical criteria for an automated review. The key is to ensure these cases are the exception and not the rule.
  4. Delivering high cost effectiveness: This requires an end-to-end focus on doing it right the first time, rather than incurring unsuccessful attempts to launch, which tends to create bad reviews and user skepticism. It’s important for service providers to choose technology companies with significant experience of similar deployments at high volumes, in order to benefit from lessons learned elsewhere. A poor rate of completion, low identity assurance results or high manual interventions can contribute to poor overall cost effectiveness, even if most technical components are individually running well.

What works in a demo version or early prototype is not necessarily the same as a service that is scalable to millions of people and able to deliver high completion rates to a high level of assurance, meeting customer’s goals. There is considerable complexity behind a large-scale production implementation that can run on global ePassports or citizen eIDs across their multiple generations, plus the wide range of smart phone models and operating systems in use by the general public.

Any agency or company looking to move into digital onboarding should carefully consider not just the tech but the totality of the business processes changes that are required for success.

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Download the Report here.

Entrust Acquires WorldReach, Adding Leading Solutions for Digital Traveler and Citizen Identity Experiences

WorldReach acquisition places Entrust at the forefront of digital transformation in travel and citizen identification services

MINNEAPOLIS (April 19, 2021) −  Entrust, a global leader in trusted identity, payments and data protection, today announced that it has acquired WorldReach Software, a Canadian company that helps governments and travel service providers create seamless traveler experiences through the digital transformation of the trusted identification process for immigration and border management programs.

Ottawa-based WorldReach was founded in 1998 and its over 30 employees have joined Entrust with the acquisition, including founder and CEO, Gordon Wilson, who continues to lead WorldReach as an Entrust business. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

“The ability to verify identity and manage trusted access digitally is the key to transforming travel and citizen services around world. WorldReach is a great fit for Entrust, with deep experience in identity verification and digital onboarding solutions implemented at scale for governments and global travel providers. With the WorldReach acquisition, Entrust can help these organizations reshape government and travel service experiences around secure digital identities,” said Todd Wilkinson, CEO of Entrust.

Governments, border authorities and the travel industry are accelerating efforts to modernize digital services to citizens and travelers to be more touchless, seamless and efficient. WorldReach has leveraged expertise and innovative identity and document verification technology to enable government agencies and travel service providers to reach these goals. Examples include Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) and enrollment for security screening, arrival and border security; a “zero touch” customs and border management solution; and a digital onboarding program for immigration that uses remote identity verification with ePassport chip reading and liveness detection, used by more than five million people to date.

“We see tremendous opportunity to leverage digital identity and encryption technology in innovative ways to make the experience of travel, border crossing, immigration and other citizen services more secure, safe and seamless. As part of Entrust, WorldReach customers will benefit from the opportunity to integrate proven Entrust technology and expertise in digital travel credentials, PKI and certificate solutions and identity and access management,” said Gordon Wilson, WorldReach founder and vice president and Global Lead for Seamless Travel at Entrust.

Entrust will leverage its global reach and professional services to extend opportunities of WorldReach services to positively impact tens of millions of digital interactions annually for travelers and citizens. “Entrust is a world leader in data security and digital and physical credentials. By adding the WorldReach team, we extend our ability to serve government and large enterprise customers, particularly in the international travel sector. In the wake of the global pandemic and the drive for safe and rapid digital transformation to serve travelers and citizens around the world, these services are more relevant than ever,” said Tony Ball, SVP of Instant Issuance at Entrust.

WorldReach solutions focus on Digital Identity Verification and Onboarding; the Safe & Seamless Traveler Journey; and Government Travel and Citizen Services. The company has deep expertise in ICAO-compliant secure travel and identity document issuance that underpins leading remote digital identity and document verification solutions.

The company was named to The (Toronto) Globe and Mail’s 2020 ranking of Canada’s Top Growing Companies, and the Ottawa Business Journal ranked the company eight among its 2021 Fastest Growing Companies.

Juniper Research profiled WorldReach as a Leading Challenger in digital identity in its report “Digital Identity: Technology Evolution, Regulatory Landscape & Forecasts 2020-2025,” noting that:

“WorldReach is in a strong position in the verifiable credential space…This is being evidenced by WorldReach’s involvement in the UK government’s EU national immigration status checks and as part of the new ‘Digital Travel Credentials’ (DTC) standards. WorldReach’s position is strong, as border checks are becoming part of the digital transformation of governments and airports. WorldReach, as a company, is well placed to either take part as a point solution, or be woven into the wider ecosystems that handle travelers and other government IDs.”

Sampford Advisors acted as the exclusive M&A advisor to WorldReach Software. Dentons Canada LLP served as legal counsel to Entrust, and LaBarge Weinstein LLP served as legal counsel to WorldReach on the transaction.

Original post: Entrust Acquires WorldReach

About Entrust Corporation

Entrust keeps the world moving safely by enabling trusted identities, payments and data protection. Today more than ever, people demand seamless, secure experiences, whether they’re crossing borders, making a purchase, accessing e-government services or logging into corporate networks. Entrust offers an unmatched breadth of digital security and credential issuance solutions at the very heart of all these interactions. With more than 2,500 colleagues, a network of global partners, and customers in over 150 countries, it’s no wonder the world’s most entrusted organizations trust us. For more information, visit

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Ken Kadet, VP, Public Relations, Entrust
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WorldReach in the THINK Digital ID Directory 2020

July 2, 2020

The THINK Digital ID Directory has just been updated!

WorldReach is pleased to once again be included in the THINK Digital ID Directory! WorldReach contributed product and service descriptions, client testimonials, some of our partnerships, as well as organisational information and a point of contact. A fantastic resource for government agencies looking to partner with organizations.

To access the THINK Digital ID Directory, please visit:

About WorldReach Software
WorldReach Software uses innovative processes and technology to verify you are who you say you are to enable digital services delivery, through its systems for:
• government travel services (borders, immigration, passport, consular) and digital citizen services;
• safe and seamless traveller journey with the travel sector;
• highly trusted digital Identity verification and corroboration.

In September 2018, WorldReach signed a multi-year contract with the UK Home Office for the use of its smartphone based digital ID Verification (IDV) and enrolment capability. The Know Your Traveller™ platform is the front end IDV app supporting the EU Settlement Scheme.

Press contact:
Shelley Bryen, WorldReach Software,  +1 (613) 697-6997

WorldReach Panel on Establishing Identity: Innovation in Digital Identity Enrolment

Getting enrolment right is the cornerstone of any secure identity programme. But it is not without its challenges, especially in terms of identity assurance, system security and information accuracy. New technological approaches are now emerging to help government digitize the process of establishing and verifying identity.

This FREE expert panel on Tuesday, May 19, 2020 at 9AM EDT, kindly sponsored by WorldReach Software, will consider:

  • How mobile technology can shape the future of enrolment.
  • Innovative and remote ways to enrol tomorrow’s travellers.
  • Intelligent data capture techniques

Richard Rinkens, Coordinator for Biometrics, Interoperability and Information Technology, European Commission, Belgium

After implementing the Biometric Matching System (BMS) for the Visa Information System (VIS), he worked on a variety of strategic ideas and concepts involving biometrics and identity management such as the Smart Borders initiative, the SIS AFIS, the Schengen Masterlist, the Entry Exit System and the European Travel Information and Authorisation System and modernising and harmonising the European identity cards. He was involved in the Interoperability programme from the start. He is now involved in Police cooperation and information exchanges such as Prüm and API/PNR. Richard has an academic background in electronics, informatics and artificial intelligence.

Gordon Wilson, CEO and President, WorldReach Software, Canada

Gordon Wilson has been in the Information Technology industry for more than 30 years. He has considerable experience working with governments tasked with issues related to international travel, customs & border services, immigration, passport issuance, foreign affairs and consular operations. Since 1998, Mr. Wilson has overseen the creation and growth of WorldReach Software as a leading international company enabling secure on-boarding and highly trusted digital services, using innovative processes and technology to verify you are who you say you are. Mr. Wilson is the company’s lead representative for associations aligned with border control and travel facilitation.

Mark Erlich, Head of eID Department, Estonian Information System Authority, Estonia

For the past three years, Mark has worked mainly with eIDAS (European regulation No 910/2014) implementation in Estonia. This challenge includes a close cooperation with public e-service providers, trust service providers and partners from other countries. Mark has been working for the Information System Authority since 2010. This authority is responsible for public sector IT security and also building and maintaining base infrastructure of the e-Government of Estonia. Mark initially worked as a PKI/eID Domain Manager, with the responsibility of strategical management of the national eID technical platform. Mark has more than 15 years of competence in identity and related technical solutions.

Missed it? Don’t Worry

If you were not able to see Gordon Wilson speak in this very well received FREE webinar live, it now is available here. On this page you can click to ‘Access Webinar’ and if you have previously registered it will bring up the replay. If you haven’t previously registered, you will be prompted to sign-up and then you can watch it at your leisure.

Don’t miss your opportunity to listen to the experts and discover today’s innovation in digital identity enrolment!

WorldReach On-Boards New Support Team

March 24, 2020

With all WorldReach staff working remotely to ensure our health and safety, we wanted to take a moment to introduce just some of our new support team! Together (as long as there are “treats” involved), we will continue to provide our clients with world-class digital services. Stay safe, everyone.

WorldReach employs Cognitec’s Technology to Enable ID Document Applications with Smartphones

October 2, 2019

Cognitec maintains a successful partnership with WorldReach to facilitate remote identity verification during self-service ID issuance processes via their smartphone app.

Applicants for passports, visas, residency/settlement programs or digital onboarding services are required to take a selfie during the enrollment process. An automated back-end process verifies the claimed identity, validates the ID document via NFC and chip reads, checks for watch list alerts, completes a liveness check, and forwards the application for completion of assessment.

“We chose Cognitec’s market-leading face matching technology to achieve consistently high accuracy rates for the verification process,” says Gordon Wilson, President of WorldReach. “Government agencies require proven, reliable technologies for each step in the application process, as they aim to build the community’s trust in these new digital application methods. This partnership gives our companies a pioneering role in advancing e-government services.”

Using the app eliminates the visit to an office facility and allows for uninterrupted digital services. Users welcome the app’s straight-forward design and the quick application process. WorldReach is currently applying this solution with passport and border control agencies in Canada, the UK, Ireland, and other organizations pursuing seamless travel initiatives.

“The WorldReach solution brings the advantages of face recognition to modern ID management systems,” says Alfredo Herrera, Cognitec CEO. “We look forward to contributing our expertise as WorldReach evolves this trend-setting technology.”

About WorldReach Software

WorldReach Software helps ensure traveller safety and security worldwide through its systems for government immigration, passport, border management and consular organizations. WorldReach supplies secure eID/Travel Document issuance, remote identity verification services and consular software, including best practices and the Know Your Traveller™ (KYT) innovative platform/processes. Government customers include Canada, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Ireland, British Overseas Territories (Anguilla, Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Montserrat, Turks and Caicos Islands, the Virgin Islands), and UK Crown Dependencies (Guernsey, Isle of Man, Jersey) & Gibraltar.

Press contact

Shelley Bryen, WorldReach Software, +1 (613) 742-6482

About Cognitec

Cognitec is the only company worldwide that has worked exclusively on face recognition technology since its inception in 2002. The company is proud to maintain a stable, market-leading position within the industry, and to uphold the trust it has gained as a reliable, experienced provider of biometric technologies.

More Information and Contact
Elke Oberg, Marketing Manager Cognitec Systems GmbH
Phone: +49-351-862-9214