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WorldReach Identity Verification Solutions included in DIACC IDV Products Directory 2.0

May 12, 2021 | Source: WorldReach

The WorldReach Software, an Entrust Company, identity verification platform and solutions are showcased in DIACC’s Directory of Products That Assess Identification Documents and Verify Identity Version 2.0. Now live, this Digital Identification and Authentication Council of Canada Directory provides an overview of vendors’ solutions which use government issued photo identification cards, combined with biometric facial scans, to establish Digital Identity.

Designed specifically for high identity assurance requirements, WorldReach’s Identity Verification (IDV) solutions and services are in production in several successful Government to Citizen programs. They allow an eligible applicant to read and authenticate their ePassport (or eMRTD card) remotely using a smartphone app to read the passport chip, validating the cryptographic security controls. Biometric facial matching and genuine presence (also known as liveness detection) are used to verify that the applicant is the rightful holder of the validated ID document.

Users verify themselves easily, securely, conveniently within minutes. Proven in real-world use, by millions, at scale.

WorldReach, as Entrust Identity Verification, is dedicated to keeping the world moving safely by enabling more seamless and secure transactions.

If you would like to hear more about these IDV capabilities driving digital transformation, please contact us.

The DIACC Directory can be accessed here.

About WorldReach, an Entrust Company
WorldReach Software uses innovative processes and technology to remotely verify you are who you say you are to enable digital services delivery, through its systems for:

• government travel services (borders, immigration, passport, consular) and digital citizen services;
• safe & seamless traveller journey with the travel sector;
• high assurance digital Identity verification and corroboration.

To learn more about WorldReach’s seamless travel & border solutions and identity verification approach, visit our website.

Press contact
Shelley Bryen, Product Marketing Management Director,   +1 (613) 697-6997

WorldReach Sponsors Biometrics Congress 2018 in London

Biometrics Congress 2018

October 16, 2018

WorldReach Software is proud to be Gold Sponsors of the Biometrics Congress 2018 which will be held on the 17-18 October 2018, at the Grange St. Paul’s Hotel in London. This industry event will provide a range of case study presentations, discussion sessions and innovation talks. Biometrics Congress offers a fantastic opportunity to share best-practices, knowledge and the responsible use of biometrics.

WorldReach President, Gordon Wilson, will be presenting on Wednesday, October 17th at 13:35 in Stream A: ID at the Borders & Travel Continuum.  He will be covering “Remote ID Verification applied to Home Office Immigration programs and Canadian Initiatives for Seamless Air and Land Borders.”

If you are attending and interested in setting up a meeting with Gordon or a number of WorldReach senior representative at this event, please contact us directly.

Additional details on Biometrics Congress 2018 can be found by visiting:

About WorldReach Software: WorldReach Software helps ensure traveller safety and security worldwide through its systems for government immigration, visa, passport, border management, and consular organisations. WorldReach supplies secure eID/Travel Document issuance and remote identity verification services, including best practices and the Know Your Traveller™ (KYT) innovative platform/processes. WorldReach is member of the Biometrics Institute, the International Border Management & Technologies Association (IBMATA), and is a Strategic Partner of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) where we are contributing to the IATA OneID initiative. Customers include governments from: Canada, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Ireland, Denmark, Anguilla, Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Montserrat, St Helena, Turks and Caicos Islands and the British Virgin Islands.

Press Contact: Shelley Bryen, WorldReach Software,   +1 613 742-6482