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WorldReach to add iOS NFC Functionality to Mobile Solutions

June 10th, 2019

WorldReach welcomes the recent iOS 13 NFC announcement from Apple and is committed to have compatible versions of our products ready when iOS 13 is launched (expected by Q4 2019). IdentityReach and VisaReach will be able to read and validate passport/identification chips with both Apple/iOS 13 and Android smartphones, which covers almost all smartphone users.

Apple’s new iOS 13 operating system, currently in beta, features enhanced access to functionality for Near Field Communication (NFC). NFC permits devices in close proximity to share information wirelessly. Opening up the NFC to 3rd party developers allows new iOS compatibility to formerly “Android-only” applications. Now, through supported devices, iOS apps are able to use NFC technology to read information from electronic tags associated with tangible objects (e.g. ePassports, chipped eIDs, etc.).

WorldReach’s identity verification products are in production use on Android smartphones for the NFC reading and authentication of passports and other identification documents in a large-scale UK government program.

IdentityReach is WorldReach’s remote identity verification service. Users can scan their ePassports to verify their ID and association to ID remotely through a mobile application. IdentityReach includes a liveness and biometric check, identity document authentication, as well as guidance throughout the verification process.

WorldReach’s VisaReach solution includes the technical and process advantages of IdentityReach, designed specifically for ETA/ESTA/ETIAS or eVisa programs. ETAs and eVisas can be processed by the service, affording applicants a straight-forward, secure way of applying, paying for, and receiving an immigration permission from a relevant immigration authority. VisaReach is a cost-effective and more secure alternative to Visa-On-Arrival (VOA).

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About WorldReach Software:

WorldReach Software helps ensure traveller facilitation, safety and security worldwide through its systems for government immigration, passport issuance, border management and consular organizations. WorldReach supplies secure eID/Travel Document issuance systems, remote identity and document verification services, and consular software. Know Your Traveller™ (KYT) is a highly secure and user-friendly innovative identity verification platform for: Electronic Travel Authorization; eVisa; Visa; Registered Traveller Programs; online passport renewal; seamless traveller facilitation programs and digital services delivery.  VisaReach™, Secure ETA™ and IdentityReach™ can remotely verify that the traveller is who they say they are by combining smartphone reading and comparing the traveller’s ePassport secured facial image with a live selfie, including ePassport validations and liveness detection to help prevent fraud. 

WorldReach staff are intimately familiar with the international technical standards for secure travel documents, based on ICAO Document 9303 and are active participants in working groups for seamless borders, identity verification, identity documents and biometrics. Our systems for passport issuance put these standards to practice. We apply this experience and relationships with epassport issuance authorities to our identity verification services.

Government customers include Canada, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Ireland, Anguilla, Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Montserrat, St Helena, Turks and Caicos Islands, the British Virgin Islands, and UK Crown Dependencies & Gibraltar.

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Shelley Bryen, WorldReach Software, +1 613 742-6482