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Entrust, Eurostar selected to speak at eu-LISA Contactless Travel Industry Roundtable

May 31 | Source WorldReach

Entrust, through its Identity Verification unit (WorldReach Software) has been selected to present at eu-LISA’s Industry Roundtable. This year’s focus is Contactless Travel in Post-COVID Times: Enhancing the EU Security Ecosystem. The event runs 1-2 June, 2021.

Gordon Wilson, Global Head of Seamless Travel for Entrust and Renaud Thillaye, Head of Public Affairs, Eurostar will be speaking on Tuesday, June 2 at 14:30 CEST/ 08:30 EDT. Their topic – an exciting new seamless, contactless rail pilot set to begin this summer in St. Pancras International Station in London.

Touchless Travel Experience

High-speed rail operator, Eurostar, is preparing for the future with the Project Laminar funded by InnovateUK Department of Transportation in partnership with Entrust and the prime project partner, iProov. The vision of this pilot project is a touchless travel experience in which passengers are identified solely by facial recognition and their pre-enrolled data is submitted (by user consent) both to Eurostar for check-in and to UK Border Force as an exit check.

In terms of interoperability, this is a significant project because it connects commercial travel and border control use cases.

Safe & Seamless Travel

Entrust will be showing a video of this safe and seamless travel process that contributes to the post-pandemic recovery of the travel sector. The pilot includes:

  • a remote identity & document verification service by which the passenger enrolls their biographic and biometric information before travel, using their own mobile device
  • NFC capability of the phone is used to read the chip in the ePassport
  • the facial image in the chip is compared against a contemporaneous selfie
  • a liveness check (using iProov genuine presence technology) is used to protect against presentation attacks
  • three images (from chip, liveness and selfie) are triangulated to provide Eurostar and UK Border Force with a high degree of assurance that the passenger is the rightful holder of the document
  • the passenger scans the QR code on their Eurostar e-ticket to associate the ticket with the enrolled identity information (All this is achieved in a single app on the passenger’s phone in under ten minutes)
  • once enrolment is complete, a Digital Travel Credential (DTC), to the ICAO standard, is derived from the passport chip and stored securely on the passenger’s mobile device, to be shared with their consent
  • the passenger proceeds to St. Pancras International Station in London, where check-in for the train is achieved simply by walking along a biometric lane supplied by Face4 Systems. (Cameras situated in the biometric lane verify that the approaching passenger is pre-registered)
  • The pre-enrolled data is then sent to Eurostar to confirm check-in, without the need for the passenger to present any physical documents or interact with Eurostar staff.

Additional capability of verifying health status certificates is also being explored.

Entrust, and its partners, continue to secure the world in motion.

For more information on this Industry Roundtable, please contact eu-Lisa.

About WorldReach, an Entrust Company
WorldReach Software uses innovative processes and technology to remotely verify you are who you say you are to enable digital services delivery, through its systems for:

• government travel services (borders, immigration, passport, consular) and digital citizen services;
• safe & seamless traveller journey with the travel sector;
• high assurance digital Identity verification and corroboration.

To learn more about our seamless travel & border solutions and identity verification approach, visit our website.

Press contact
Shelley Bryen, Product Marketing Management Director,  +1 (613) 697-6997

WorldReach – ReadID Webinar: ‘Conversion is Key’

Thursday, October 22, 2020, 9:00AM EST |
FREE Register here: link |

Join us for the upcoming webinar hosted by InnoValor (ReadID), one of our technology partners on the world’s largest, most successful digital on-boarding immigration programme: the UK Home Office EU Settlement Scheme. Steven Grant, our Director of Business Development, will join Maarten Wegdam, CEO of ReadID, for an interview on the theme ‘Conversion is key’ – How to reach a high onboarding conversion with identity verification software.

Together, we will discuss how we are working together on the EU Settlement Scheme and provide insight into the remarkable conversion rate of over 85%. In September 2018, WorldReach Software was selected by UK Home Office for the operation and management of the digital verification capability supporting the EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS). Together with our partner InnoValor (ReadID), we enabled the world’s largest, most successful remote identity verification immigration programme.

Steven G. Grant
Director of Business Development, WorldReach Software, Canada
Over the past 20+ years, Steve has worked as a subject matter expert with multiple international organizations and governments with extensive experience in identity document systems, border security, consular management software, civil registries, voter registration and biometrics. He is also a Non-Executive Director with IBMATA; a member of the ICAO Implementation and Capacity Building Working Group where he supports deployment of standards-compliant passport and border management technologies; and a Canadian representative to the ISO SC17 WG3 standards group for Travel Documents; IATA One ID; and WTTC Safe and Seamless Traveller Journey.

Maarten Wegdam
CEO, ReadID, Amersfoot, Netherlands
Expert, advisor and speaker on digital identity and heads the award-winning InnoValor team.
InnoValor’s ReadID is the flagship product and makes it possible to read and verify the contactless RFID chip of passports and other identity documents using a smartphone with Near Field Communication. It supports online document identity verification in a cost efficient, secure and user friendly manner.

About WorldReach
WorldReach Software uses innovative processes and technology to verify you are who you say you are to enable digital services delivery,
through its systems for:
• government travel services (borders, immigration, passport, consular) and digital citizen services;
• safe and seamless traveller journey with the travel sector;
• highly trusted digital Identity verification and corroboration.

Press contact:
Shelley Bryen, Director of Marketing,  +1 (613) 697-6997


Not everyone thought the Home Office’s app for settling an EU citizen’s immigration status post-Brexit would work. A year on, it seems like, for once, the sceptics got this one completely wrong

Posted 26 May 2020 by Gary Flood

While we’ve all been a bit busy with… you know what, a major UK Identity milestone was achieved that all of us in the Digital Identity ecosystem should have been very impressed with:

That no less than 3.5 million successful applications for a highly time-sensitive Government service were made using digital ID software on a smartphone – and that makes the project in question the world’s largest, most successful digital on-boarding immigration programme using remote identity verification with ePassport chip reading and liveness detection.

WorldReach EUSS Press Release Image

We’re referring to the Home Office EUSS (EU Settlement Scheme), which was set up to support the application process of European Economic Area (EEA) nationals living in the UK to apply for a UK immigration status as part of our leaving the European Union. As Minister for Future Borders and Immigration Kevin Foster states, “The [EU Settlement] scheme is the biggest of its kind in British history,” and the 3.5 million figure was reached with over a year still to go until the 30 June 2021 deadline.

Though not without some critics, the system was famously designed to be something that could be done quickly and securely by the user on their phones, an “EU Exit: ID Document Check” app, on Android or iOS smartphone, that was promised to assist applicants in promptly and securely confirming their identity without the need to submit documents to the Home Office by mail or in person. 

The service supports multiple eIDs including ePassports, UK biometric residence cards and EU citizen eID cards, all using ICAO standards. And given that according to March 2020 Home Office data on the project (EU Settlement Scheme Statistics March 2020), it looks like that core design principle of easy digital functionality and access has been proven right.

In fact, there’s lots of genuinely impressive benchmarking going on here, and whatever your personal opinions about either the Home Office or Brexit, anyone interested in battle-testing the promise of ID at scale has to stop and listen. For a start, the project was up and running very quickly: after only a three-month beta phase, the app was live on GOV.UK at the end of March last year and included three optional paths for EEA nationals:

  • To prove their Identity in applying for status via post
  • By visiting a local service provider
  • A completely digital route. 

What’s really interesting (and encouraging) is that the vast majority chose digital. And given that the total target group is believed to be about 3.5 million, getting that near completion, mainly electronically, and with such a high success rate… is pretty good.

No wonder Westminster’s pleased with this one; after all, it’s almost unprecedented… a successful HMG IT project! “Our use of world-class technology means that people can apply from the comfort of their home in as little as 15 minutes,” the Security Minister Brandon Lewis wrote in The Times in January. Lewis, noting how the app is successfully using facial recognition and smartphone technology to make the process as easy for as many people as possible, also pointed out that at the back end his Department is ensuring “a secure digital status which cannot be lost, damaged or tampered with [as EUSS] future-proofs [your] immigration status”.

Quite rightly, his public acknowledgement of the achievement of this national ID-based system also notes that EUSS’s level of innovation is “unheard of in immigration systems around the world” and should definitely be something “we are extremely proud of”.


  • A high percentage completed their application in under 10 minutes, with a high level of Identity assurance
  • This was the first iOS app in production to read ICAO MRTD compliant chips via Near Field Communication (NFC) at large scale on iPhone 7 and above
  • Users employed no less than 2,300 different makes and models of Android and iOS devices to complete the identity verification process.
  • Peaks of 25,000-30,000 applications per day were seen without crashes
  • System Availability since the start of live production is 99.97%—exceeding SLA commitments agreed with the supplier
  • 79% of applicants indicated that proving their identity through the app was either “very easy” or “fairly easy”
  • The app receives an average 4.1 star satisfaction rating on Google Play Store.

By the way, we are often given the example of successful ID programmes in the Nordics that didn’t go down the government-issued (eg GOV.UK Verify) route, but instead piggy-backed off the financial/banking route. And EUSS more than holds its own against this benchmark, comparing very well with the remote digital on-boarding rate achieved in the banking sector. Other great proof points here include the fact that:

It’s more than time to ask the ID company that’s behind all this to step forward and take a bow. That is, of course, Canadian ID leader WorldReach Software, which is all about powering-up highly trusted digital public services for immigration, passport, border management, consular and citizen services organisations (and whose customers include Canada, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Ireland and a bunch of both British Overseas Territories (Anguilla, Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Montserrat, Turks and Caicos Islands, the Virgin Islands, St. Helena) as well as key UK Crown Dependencies (Guernsey, Isle of Man, Jersey) & Gibraltar).

WorldReach Software was selected in October 2017, along with its partners InnoValor and iProov, to support the Identity & Document Verification (IDV) components of the EUSS through the development, integration and testing phases. This remote IDV digital service is based on WorldReach’s Know Your Traveller platform, and in September 2018, the company was awarded a multi-year contract with the Home Office for the operation and management of the digital verification capability supporting EUSS.

In technical terms, IdentityReach reads the ePassport chip’s security features to authenticate the legitimacy of the document. Facial matching is achieved by comparing the secure reference image from the ePassport chip to a live selfie captured by smartphone camera. Genuine presence technology is applied to mitigate attempts at identity fraud.

Commenting on this landmark engagement for his company, for WorldReach’s President, Gordon Wilson, “The use of remote ID Verification at a high trust level by the UK for EUSS provides a clear proof statement that the public is ready to accept a digital route for on-boarding—and that they are quite capable of using their own smartphone and ePassport or eCitizen ID to conduct said digital on-boarding.  

“The milestone of well over 3 million successful EUSS applications, mostly achieved digitally, also demonstrates that delivery of other government or customer services digitally requiring high levels of Identity Assurance is preferred by the majority—plus, that the technology is capable of delivering.

“This is highly reassuring even before lockdown, which has made the reliable and scalable delivery of public service innovation a paramount concern for policy-makers.”

To find out more about WorldReach, go here

To find out more about the EUSS, go here

To find original article from Think Digital Partners, go here

WorldReach to add iOS NFC Functionality to Mobile Solutions

June 10th, 2019

WorldReach welcomes the recent iOS 13 NFC announcement from Apple and is committed to have compatible versions of our products ready when iOS 13 is launched (expected by Q4 2019). IdentityReach and VisaReach will be able to read and validate passport/identification chips with both Apple/iOS 13 and Android smartphones, which covers almost all smartphone users.

Apple’s new iOS 13 operating system, currently in beta, features enhanced access to functionality for Near Field Communication (NFC). NFC permits devices in close proximity to share information wirelessly. Opening up the NFC to 3rd party developers allows new iOS compatibility to formerly “Android-only” applications. Now, through supported devices, iOS apps are able to use NFC technology to read information from electronic tags associated with tangible objects (e.g. ePassports, chipped eIDs, etc.).

WorldReach’s identity verification products are in production use on Android smartphones for the NFC reading and authentication of passports and other identification documents in a large-scale UK government program.

IdentityReach is WorldReach’s remote identity verification service. Users can scan their ePassports to verify their ID and association to ID remotely through a mobile application. IdentityReach includes a liveness and biometric check, identity document authentication, as well as guidance throughout the verification process.

WorldReach’s VisaReach solution includes the technical and process advantages of IdentityReach, designed specifically for ETA/ESTA/ETIAS or eVisa programs. ETAs and eVisas can be processed by the service, affording applicants a straight-forward, secure way of applying, paying for, and receiving an immigration permission from a relevant immigration authority. VisaReach is a cost-effective and more secure alternative to Visa-On-Arrival (VOA).

For more information, consult:

About WorldReach Software:

WorldReach Software helps ensure traveller facilitation, safety and security worldwide through its systems for government immigration, passport issuance, border management and consular organizations. WorldReach supplies secure eID/Travel Document issuance systems, remote identity and document verification services, and consular software. Know Your Traveller™ (KYT) is a highly secure and user-friendly innovative identity verification platform for: Electronic Travel Authorization; eVisa; Visa; Registered Traveller Programs; online passport renewal; seamless traveller facilitation programs and digital services delivery.  VisaReach™, Secure ETA™ and IdentityReach™ can remotely verify that the traveller is who they say they are by combining smartphone reading and comparing the traveller’s ePassport secured facial image with a live selfie, including ePassport validations and liveness detection to help prevent fraud. 

WorldReach staff are intimately familiar with the international technical standards for secure travel documents, based on ICAO Document 9303 and are active participants in working groups for seamless borders, identity verification, identity documents and biometrics. Our systems for passport issuance put these standards to practice. We apply this experience and relationships with epassport issuance authorities to our identity verification services.

Government customers include Canada, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Ireland, Anguilla, Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Montserrat, St Helena, Turks and Caicos Islands, the British Virgin Islands, and UK Crown Dependencies & Gibraltar.

Press Contact:

Shelley Bryen, WorldReach Software, +1 613 742-6482

New Home Office app process for EU citizens

The following are excerpts from recent Industry articles regarding the new Home Office app, developed by WorldReach Software, for EU citizens registering to stay in the UK:

Exclusive: Here’s what the new Brexit application process for EU citizens will look like

Original article was posted on May 1, 2018 written by Thomas Colson for the Business Insider:

  • The UK faces the huge and complex task of registering over 3.6 million EU nationals ahead of Brexit so they can apply for ‘settled status’. It says a new, digital system will make the process much easier.
  • In an exclusive preview of the new system, BI spoke to a person tasked with test-running the new registration app which is being designed to register EU citizens — which is still in its testing phase.

“The app will be able to scan passports with biometric chips which instantly upload a user’s data to the cloud. But there will also be non-digital options available, the Home Office said, likely to be similar to the ones that currently exist for visa extensions and permanent citizenship applications.

That said, the app will be an important part of the registration process for many people as it will allow those with the right technology to identify themselves almost instantly. One EU citizen asked to test-run the app, which remains in its pilot phase, told BI how it currently works:

1. When you open the app, you will be asked to answer some basic questions: Your name, whether you’re an EU national, whether you live in the UK, and whether you have a criminal record.

2. You will then be asked to provide documentation proving your identity. If your passport contains a biometric chip, you will be able to scan it using an Android phone’s built-in scanning software. Apple doesn’t allow third-party apps to use that software, which means the app won’t work on iPhones, a problem the Home Office revealed in a meeting with MEPs this week.

The person who tested the app said their passport was recognised and scanned by the phone almost instantly.

3. You will then be asked to take a selfie, which appears to be for the purpose of verifying that you are who say you are.

If you are unable to access an Android phone, it will be possible to revert to more old-fashioned methods of proving your identity, such as posting a passport or ID card to a processing centre.”

Home Office Brexit app only works for Android users

Original article was posted on April 25, 2018 written by Lis Evenstad for Computer Weeekly:

“The WorldReach part of the contract is for the smartphone technology ‘to develop a secure and easy-to-use digital solution’. WorldReach specialises in providing immigration apps that use a smartphone NFC reader to scan the chips in passports.”

About WorldReach

WorldReach Software works with national governments to help them:

  • Remotely and securely verify individuals and authenticate their identity documents
  • Improve the security and facilitation of immigration and border management services for those travelling into a country
  • Modernise the delivery of consular services to their citizens abroad

The WorldReach Know Your Traveller (TM) platform is our remote identity verification (IDV) and document authentication capability.

WorldReach Software Integrates InnoValor’s NFC Passport Reader in Smartphone Solution for Online Immigration Application

Gordon Wilson, President of WorldReach Software and Maarten Wegdam, Managing Partner at InnoValor at contract signing, with the Dutch Prime Minister Rutte (back right)

Gordon Wilson, President of WorldReach Software and Maarten Wegdam, Managing Partner at InnoValor at contract signing, with the Dutch Prime Minister Rutte (back right), Flemish Minister-President Bourgeois (back left) and the Mayor of Atlanta.

October 6, 2015

(Atlanta, Georgia, USA)  During a signing ceremony at the the joint Netherlands – Flanders Economic Mission to Atlanta (Georgia), WorldReach Software and InnoValor signed a contract in which Worldreach licenses InnoValor’s NFC Passport Reader. The contract was signed in the presence of the Dutch Prime Minister Rutte, Flemish Minister-President Bourgeois and the Mayor of Atlanta.

InnoValor provides mobile identity verification software. InnoValor’s NFC Passport Reader is the flagship product and makes it possible to read and verify the contactless RFID chip of passports and other identity documents using a smartphone with Near Field Communication. It supports online document identity verification in a cost efficient, secure and user friendly manner.

This contract signifies the next step in the relationship between the two companies, with WorldReach as key partner for InnoValor in the border management and passenger transportation sector, starting with the North American market.

The NFC Passport Reader will be integrated in WorldReach’s online immigration application, which uses smartphone technologies, in conjunction with ePassports, to enhance the early screening of travellers to a country, while preserving and protecting traveller privacy. The NFC Passport Reader is a key component that will make it possible for applicants to self-identify themselves during their online immigration application with minimal human intervention or need to travel to a government office abroad.

The use of the innovative NFC Passport Reader technology with WorldReach’s online immigration platform will initially be a technology demonstration, as part of a project funded by the Canadian Safety and Security Program, which is a federal program led by Defence Research and Development Canada’s Centre for Security Science, in partnership with Public Safety Canada.  This project aims to improve service, service delivery and facilitate the arrival of incoming travellers to Canada while protecting the safety and security of Canadians. It was recently highlighted at BORDERPOL Americas “Curtailing Terrorist Travel – Threats and Solutions” in Washington, DC, September 10, 2015.

Read more from InnoValor: worldreach-software-and-innovalor-sign-licence-agreement

About WorldReach Software

WorldReach Software helps ensure traveller safety and security worldwide through its systems for both government consular organizations as well as individual travellers. WorldReach Software supplies consular, passport and eVisa/electronic travel authorization software and fosters best practices used by more than 3000 daily users in over 950 sites, making it the leading company providing global consular software solutions for Foreign Affairs. Customers include government ministries and departments from Canada, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Spain, Ireland, Denmark, Anguilla, Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Montserrat, Turks and Caicos Islands and the British Virgin Islands. For more information:  For more information about the CSSP project & BORDERPOL Americas:
WorldReach Software, CIC and CBSA Awarded Canadian Safety and Security Program Funding, WorldReach Sponsors BORDERPOL International Security Meeting in Washington, D.C.:

About InnoValor

InnoValor provides mobile identity software that verifies the identity of a person using their smartphone and government issued identity documents. The contactless RFID chips in passports and other government issued identity documents are very secure and contain digitally signed personal information on the holder of the passport.  The NFC Passport Reader software that makes it possible to read and verify the personal information embedded in the chip.  An app demonstrating the potential of the software can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Besides providing mobile identity verification software, InnoValor provides research-based advice on how to realize value from digital innovation for government, financial sector and service providers. InnoValor is based in the Netherlands. For more information:

Press contact:  Shelley Bryen, WorldReach Software,  +1 613 742-6482;  Maarten Wegdam, InnoValor,   +31 6 51993485