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WorldReach – ReadID Webinar: ‘Conversion is Key’

Thursday, October 22, 2020, 9:00AM EST |
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Join us for the upcoming webinar hosted by InnoValor (ReadID), one of our technology partners on the world’s largest, most successful digital on-boarding immigration programme: the UK Home Office EU Settlement Scheme. Steven Grant, our Director of Business Development, will join Maarten Wegdam, CEO of ReadID, for an interview on the theme ‘Conversion is key’ – How to reach a high onboarding conversion with identity verification software.

Together, we will discuss how we are working together on the EU Settlement Scheme and provide insight into the remarkable conversion rate of over 85%. In September 2018, WorldReach Software was selected by UK Home Office for the operation and management of the digital verification capability supporting the EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS). Together with our partner InnoValor (ReadID), we enabled the world’s largest, most successful remote identity verification immigration programme.

Steven G. Grant
Director of Business Development, WorldReach Software, Canada
Over the past 20+ years, Steve has worked as a subject matter expert with multiple international organizations and governments with extensive experience in identity document systems, border security, consular management software, civil registries, voter registration and biometrics. He is also a Non-Executive Director with IBMATA; a member of the ICAO Implementation and Capacity Building Working Group where he supports deployment of standards-compliant passport and border management technologies; and a Canadian representative to the ISO SC17 WG3 standards group for Travel Documents; IATA One ID; and WTTC Safe and Seamless Traveller Journey.

Maarten Wegdam
CEO, ReadID, Amersfoot, Netherlands
Expert, advisor and speaker on digital identity and heads the award-winning InnoValor team.
InnoValor’s ReadID is the flagship product and makes it possible to read and verify the contactless RFID chip of passports and other identity documents using a smartphone with Near Field Communication. It supports online document identity verification in a cost efficient, secure and user friendly manner.

About WorldReach
WorldReach Software uses innovative processes and technology to verify you are who you say you are to enable digital services delivery,
through its systems for:
• government travel services (borders, immigration, passport, consular) and digital citizen services;
• safe and seamless traveller journey with the travel sector;
• highly trusted digital Identity verification and corroboration.

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