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WorldReach at Biometrics Institute ID@Borders 2021

April 12, 2021 | Source: WorldReach

As we approach the reopening of the world’s doors, border and immigration specialists are hard at work seeking secure, seamless, and touchless biometric solutions. Biometrics Institute, a leading, independent, and impartial voice in the promotion of responsible and ethical use of biometrics and biometric analytics is back with their much anticipated event: ID@Borders and Future of Travel Conference 2021. The event is set up in four sessions over two days. Join WorldReach during Session two (April 20th) at this vital industry event, providing the space for border experts and decision-makers from our vast, global community to gather and form a consensus on a path forward.

April 20, 2021;

  1. Session one (April 20, 2021): The digital traveller – how to establish a trusted identity?
  2. Session two (April 20, 2021): Interoperability in immigration and border processes and “Behind the Scenes Tour”

April 27th, 2021

  1. Session three (27 April 2021): The trusted traveller – how do we trust data and share it responsibly?
  2. Session four (27 April 2021): Travel initiatives, country updates and “Behind the Scenes Tour”

Executive Director of Global Partnerships, Jon Payne, joins the Roundtable: How can we be interoperable and protect information?
Mr. Payne brings over 25 years’ experience in immigration policy and operations to this discussion, and will be speaking on behalf of the real-world projects and pilots that WorldReach has employed on the Safe and Seamless Traveller Journey.

Eurostar Pilot Project LAMINAR: targeted for mid 2021, where travellers at London’s St Pancras International Station will be able to use a touchless biometric lane without presenting any formal identification or ticket on arrival at the station, reducing friction and safety concerns.

Canada’s Chain of Trust Pilot: employs a similar approach for air arrivals. Biographic and biometric data is captured early in the travel continuum and a derived digital travel credential (DTC, using the new ICAO standard) is stored in the secure wallet on the smartphone. This verified credential is shared and combined with dynamic risk assessment to determine the appropriate channel for each passenger arriving at the border. The ultimate aim is to achieve zero wait time at a new touchless border for eligible, low-risk passengers, starting with returning Canadians in the current pre-production scale pilot. The first air flight crew has already been processed through Chain of Trust.

EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS): unparalleled success with this UK Home Office smartphone based remote digital ID Verification (IDV) and enrolment capability. Completed applications have surpassed 5 million with an industry leading completion rate.

Additionally, Gord Wilson, President and CEO of WorldReach, will provide a Behind the Scenes Tour of WorldReach – a look at Seamless Travel in Action.

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