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WorldReach Launch Person-Centric Product Suite for Consular Services

360 Degree View

November 1, 2010

(ICAO MRTD Symposium 2010, Montreal, QC )  WorldReach Software, the consular software solutions specialist, is proud to announce their official release of Version 4 (V4) of the WorldReach Consular Products Suite; AssistReach™, CrisisReach™ and PassportReach™. This marks a new era in the world of person-centric consular management solutions allowing Ministries of Foreign Affairs (MFAs) to gain bigger value for money by improving consular operations with flexible information management reporting and enhanced privacy and security while extending consular crisis management capabilities.

Featuring a 360 degree view of the citizen data within the system which can be seen from a case, services rendered, relationships associated, or person/client view. A person, within the entire suite of products, has a single identity in the system and thus can be a registrant or involved in multiple cases; whether it be consular assistance cases, passport cases or crises. This allows rich, virtually limitless combinations for reporting and supports citizen-centric service delivery by a Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Ease-of-use is architected into the Consular Suite’s intuitive User Interface design to ensure efficiency, as well as enhancing the retrieval of real-time information. Other time and cost saving features include client-configurable screens and fields.

Gordon Wilson, President and CEO of WorldReach added, “We pride ourselves in listening very closely to the day-to-day requirements of our MFA Clients. Software systems should allow consular officers to perform important tasks easier and faster, giving them more time to focus on their real work; helping their citizens in need. For nearly 2 decades, building solutions that fit the exact needs of MFAs around the world – especially as budgets tighten – is not only our business, it’s our passion.”

The initial client to implement WorldReach’s V4 Consular Products Suite is The Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

About WorldReach Software

WorldReach Software supplies consular software and fosters best practices used by more than 3000 daily users in over 850 sites, making it the leading company providing global consular software solutions for Foreign Affairs. WorldReach Software helps ensure traveler safety and security worldwide through its systems for both government consular organizations as well as individual travelers. Customers include the Ministries of Foreign Affairs from Canada, the United Kingdom, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain and Ireland.

For more information, please contact:  Shelley Bryen   1-613-742-6482