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WorldReach Launch ‘Software as a Service’ Consular Management System


(Embassy Consular Conference, London, UK – November 15, 2013) WorldReach Software announces their new Software as a Service (SaaS) offering of their Consular products: AssistReach™; CrisisReach™; and PassportReach™. WorldReach’s consular software is implemented for Denmark, Ireland, New Zealand, Canada, The United Kingdom, The Netherlands and Spain.

WorldReach’s SaaS solutions offer Ministries of Foreign Affairs (MFAs) a new, flexible, scalable, and cost-effective way to modernize their consular systems, by providing proven consular software capabilities including 20+ years of best practices; cost-effective scalability, security and built-in redundancy of the Cloud; standardized consular software with configuration options to meet the needs of many MFAs at lower operating costs; consular modernization alternative with quick implementation, simple browser access to the software and predictable subscription fees, requiring no large IT investments; risk mitigation through: low initial investments; shorter term contracts; fast implementations and less complex procurement processes.

“We understand the difficult challenges MFAs face: reduced budgets and resources; increasing expectations; a connected mobile world; and doubling of international travel volumes” says Gordon Wilson, President of WorldReach. “We are pleased to now offer our industry leading consular software as a service to help address many of these challenges.”

Product availability: Cloud demo site running now; ready for customer use Q1 2014.

MFAs who want an internally hosted or private cloud implementation, or require major customizations should consider our licensed product offerings.

About WorldReach Software

WorldReach Software supplies consular software used by more than 3000 daily users in over 950 sites by Ministries of Foreign Affairs serving over 160M citizens, making it the leading provider of commercial consular software. WorldReach helps ensure traveler safety and security worldwide through its systems for government consular organizations and travelers. For more information

Press contact: Shelley Bryen +1-613-742-6482