WorldReach Software

WorldReach Software used by the European Union to deliver service to Tsunami victims

(Ottawa, ON – January 12, 2005)

Thousands of foreigners stuck in the middle of the Tsunami disaster seeking help from the current president of the European Union – The Netherlands – are being assisted through software developed by Canadian company WorldReach Software. WorldReach Software’s global crisis management software is used by a number of consular organizations including the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“Consular” is the word used to describe the services that a country provides for its citizens abroad. Services can range from the fairly simple passport replacement to evacuations. In times of crisis, governments field calls from concerned family and friends trying to locate missing loved ones who may or may not be in the impact area. To date the EU President has received thousands of phone calls which have resulted in approximately 2, 600 assistance cases. In the UK, the software is predominantly being used to set up cases and deliver assistance to those UK citizens who have been impacted by the disaster.

Closer to home, WorldReach Software is used by Foreign Affairs Canada (FAC) and has managed over 50,000 calls resulting in over 3,000 case files being opened. WorldReach Software’s products help consular officials manage such call volumes in times of disaster through case management and crisis management tools.

Gordon Wilson president of WorldReach Software states, “We are very happy to know our software is being used to benefit so many in such an unimaginable situation. The software which was originally developed to assist the government of Canada deliver service to its citizens abroad is now being used internationally in one of the worst natural disasters of our times.”

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